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The fatherland of one of the seven wonders of the world – the giant mausoleum, raised for the remnants of the ancient Greek tyrant. In the olden times the name of Bodrum was Halikarnas, and people have always been living here. It is so nice – so comfortable and beautiful, the charming gulf on the shore of the Aegean sea. The antique settlement was replaced by the city of knights-hospitallers, and then the Ottoman empire came here forever. You can see all this in Bodrum with your own eyes. The ancient monuments have been preserved well here, the great castle of saint Peter also looks like it was built just yesterday, as well as the Ottoman mansions... here you will see the  Phoenician ship in its natural size, it had sunk three and a half thousand years ago, and was elevated from the sea by plungers. You will also see blackwood, Egyptian gold, and pearls from Nubia. Bodrum is the favourite place for yachtsmen from the whole Europe. Here there is one of the liveliest anchorages for vessels, remaining here to have fun and rest. Bodrum is not only a resort, but the center of Turkish “night life” on the Aegean shore. Moderate mediterranean climate, the abundance of ancient monuments, among which is the caste of knights and the antique theatre, and  the atmosphere of “home” resort, make Bodrum one of the most attractive cities of Turkey in this region for many thousand tourists from western Europe. “Turkish Nice” is always friendly and hospitable, you should make sure of it on your own!