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The city was built in time of the Byzantine Empire on the thermal springs and attracted it's first tourists in the Middle Ages. It is known that Italian tradesmen from Genoa used to arrive to Cesme to relax and to improve their health after trade deals. It's amazing that the thermal springs are very close to the sea, literally in hundreds meters from a very beautiful lagoon. The old Geonese fortress is located near the lagoon . This fortress was a residence of  Barbarossa, the Ottoman admiral and pirate. In Cesme there are a lot of monuments and sights, connected with marine and piracy history. Cesme is a beautiful resort: picturesque village, where fishers still live, is rich in restaurants and souvenirs stores, cafes, travel agencies. According to UNESCO the purest and cleanest water on the coast is here, in Cesme. Cesme is also a perfect place for sailing, diving, and surfing. If you are young and want to enjoy your life, choose Cesme for vacation: disco clubs, bars, cafes, night clubs...Sesame and anise fields which surround Cesme fill the city with fresh air...