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Mediterranean resort, the center of yacht sport, the port for sea travelers... Marmaris, spread over the hills at the sea, “looks” at it with the windows of many first-class hotels. This place is not in vain called the “Turkish Ibiza”. The tourists from all Europe come here to have fun and hang out. Why? Because, first of all the climate here is ideal for such things – the place where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet almost never has storms and bad weather. Secondly, Marmaris is an ancient resort with old traditions of rest – even the dignitaries of Byzantium came here to have rest. Thirdly, Marmaris charms the visitants with its air. This is not a beautiful metaphor. Forests make up one  fourth of the city. Due to these forests the air of the city is really curative. Having rest in Marmaris is the same as in an oxygen pressure chamber! But of course, in Marmaris it is much more fun – it is the center of rest and entertainment. Aquabikes, surfing, paraplanes, rafting, safari, riding horses, jeep races, diving, excursions... It is never boring here, this is why Marmaris is the place that every year is visited by a half of million tourists!