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Going to Ankara with Upjet CompanyThe list of leaders of the Turkish tourism industry includes the sea coast, Istanbul and Cappadocia. Ankara is wrongly known not as a tourist destination, but as an administrative capital. After all, this city is a stunning historical monument, full of sights of different epochs... We invite you to visit Ankara and see it with your own eyes. We suggest our guests to visit... ... White CastleThis beautiful ancient castle is built on a cliff above Ankara, having a true bird's-eye view... Ancient walls, old buildings, Byzantine mosaics, Ottoman designs, priceless heritage of the Seljuk Turks... This castle counts more than fifteen centuries, being built for the first time in the days of Byzantium. The White Castle keeps the traces of all Turkish epochs: Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and Turkish. ... Roman bathsYes, Ankara is not a young city. It has been "appointed" the capital only in the 20 century, but counts more than several thousand years. Roman baths, which you can visit here, represent a unique complex of baths, which belong to the end of the past era and the beginning of the present. They are amazing in their size, beauty, antiquity... ... Haci Bayram MosqueThis magnificent ancient mosque appeared in Ankara in 15 century before the fall of Constantinople. The oldest mosque in Ankara is open for services to this day. Its architecture and interior design are a living chronicle of the Middle East, open for everyone to this day...... Temple of Augustus and RomeEven Rome doesn't have such bright examples of ancient heritage as this temple does! Today we can see the walls of this pagan temple, decorated with chronicles of Roman history carved in stone and praises on emperor Augustus - the first emperor of Rome!... Museum of Anatolian Civilizations Only here you will understand that Ankara is an ancient city. In this museum you can find exhibits of nine or ten thousand years old! You will explore the life of the people who inhabited the Anatolian plateau 100 centuries before us... What can be more exciting and interesting?... Ataturk MausoleumThis is an eastern palace, which reminds Westminster Abbey. Lots of guardsmen, many tourists, changing of the guard, national flags... This is the place of pride for every Turk. Here one will find everything that is connected with the history of the Turkish Republic and Ataturk, its founder. Here you'll see the colorful panoramas of battles of the young Turkish Republic.