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General info about Ankara

When speaking about Turkish gems - Pamukkale, Antalya, Cappadocia, Van, Istanbul - many of us forget to mention Ankara. For many people this is an ordinary, undistinguished city built somewhere in the steppes, which became a city in the XX century after it was named the capital... This is not true! Ankara is a very old city with a thousand-year history. The first Greek city appeared here in 7 century BC. The Greek settlers were replaced by the Persians, then Romans, Byzantines and Seljuk Turks. The battle between the Byzantines and Seljuk Turks took place in Ankara, which had determined the whole fate of modern Turkey. The Greeks were defeated, and the first Turkic state appeared in Asia Minor. It typified the Ottoman Empire, which had subsequently conquered half of the world. Incidentally, the Ottoman Turks in Ankara suffered a terrible defeat of the great conqueror Timur... There are numerous places of evidence of this fact in Ankara. For example, you'll see an ancient fortress, whose walls border the ancient center of Ankara. You will visit the houses where people lived in Ankara at the turn of the past and the present era, visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, where you'll see a lot of evidence that this wonderful place was populated by people twenty or thirty thousand years ago. Ankara is a big city of five million, providing an excellent opportunity for excursions and holiday shopping. Do not miss this opportunity!