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Ancient Byzantine city, which is not inferior to Istanbul with its venerable age (more than two thousand years), Bursa is one of the major tourist centers in Turkey. Just in a few kilometers from the town there is a wonderful Uludag ski resort, where you can ski almost all year round, but in Bursa, on the contrary, it is always warm... There are many monuments of the Ottoman era among the archaeological sights of this city. You will see the famous Green Mosque and a part of its architectural complex - the Green Mausoleum (green is the color of Islam). These beautifully decorated buildings, which appeared in Bursa at the beginning of 15 century, are considered one of the most beautiful mosques in the Ottoman Empire. Of course, there are many advantages in Bursa. The city is famous all over the country for the abundance of parks and gardens, combining plants and trees from all over the world. Cypress trees and pomegranates, spruces and palm trees, tropical flowers and mountain grass... All is in full bloom thanks to the tireless care of local gardeners. "Green spots" on the map of Bursa are successfully combined with the constructions of the Byzantine and even Roman era. Looking at them, one understands why the Byzantine Empire fought for this part of the country with the Ottoman Turks. Not without reason the emperors in Constantinople called Bursa "the pearl of Anatolia." It remains to be a pearl to this day. The symbol of the city is an ancient castle, which is preserved as if it was built not a few centuries, but a few years ago.