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North Cyprus

General informationTurkish Cyprus is an independent state located on the island of Cyprus. It was formed in the 20 century. It is very popular among tourists from England and Turkey. Northern Cyprus offers many five star luxury hotels together with inexpensive but qualitative leisure. Northern Cyprus is separated from the Greek part of the island by the demarcation line which hangs over from the old days. Cyprus is included in the EU, North Cyprus is about to enter it, so, in fact, this is one state in the European Union. The capital of Northern Cyprus is Nicosia.HistoryThis island has attracted people throughout the Mediterranean region for its beautiful beaches, clear water and magnificent views. The first people appeared in Cyprus 10 thousand years ago when there was no seamanship... But Cyprus attracted many nations. Three thousand years ago there lived representatives of Cretan-Mycenaean civilization. The one that was described by Plato as Atlantis. Then it was inhabited by the Greeks, then Romans... In the Middle Ages Cyprus was owned by French and English royal houses. Alexander of Macedon, the famous King Richard the Lionheart, the Apostle Paul have visited Cyprus... During the Renaissance, Cyprus became the property of the Venetian Republic, which was later replaced by the Ottoman Empire... During that period the first Muslims have appeared in Cyprus for the first time, mixed with the local population. The island was divided in two communities. In XX century Cyprus was divided into two parts - Turkish and Greek ones. They differ only in jurisdiction. In fact, this is one and the same island - hospitable, friendly and full of traces of dozens of civilizations that lived once in Cyprus. The island has rich and interesting history. Cyprus is the first state in the world governed by a Christian. It happened in the first century AD! According to legend, Aphrodite was born here.GeographyCyprus is both Europe and Asia, and a bit of Africa. The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It's in a stone's throw away from Syria (100 km) and Turkey (60 kilometers). Thanks to this fact it is easy to get to North Cyprus from Istanbul. You will need only Turkish visa. The unique coastline of Cyprus is very extended, interrupted, replete with small coves and bays. This makes the island one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean region. There are mountain resorts in Northern Cyprus. Clean springs, pine forests, mountain streams... The climate of Cyprus is recognized the best one for human health. The climate is very mild - + 23 deg. C in summer and + 15 deg. C in winter.PopulationOnly about 200 thousand people live here, making this tourist paradise the most quiet and peaceful place on earth. Basically, local people are Turks. They are divided into Turkish Cypriots and Turks who came here from Anatolia (Turkish province). Of course, there are Greek Cypriots too. All this is very relative, because during four hundred years of life on the island the Turks have thoroughly mixed with the Greeks. People are very friendly; all of them understand the English language.SightsMonastery of St. Barnabas (5 century AD) and the archaeological museum, St. Andrew Monastery, built in the Middle Ages. Historical districts of Nicosia, the Museum of Whirling Dervishes. St. Hilarion Castle (7 century). Bellapais Abbey (the monument of Venetian period, Gothic style). Haydar Pasha Mosque (15 century), Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Cathedral in 12 century). Salamin City - the buildings of Assyrian era (7 century BC), Roman Theatre, Othello's tower. In addition, Northern Cyprus has several ancient cities.