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Cappadocia is not only a unique “moon landscape” on Earth and the territory, guarded by UNESCO. And not even a museum in the open air, though there are lots of such museums in the fresh transparent air of Cappadocia. This is the place, where with the help of “Upjet” proposals you will do some things that you will never ever do in you life again. What are these things? First of all, you will get almost 100 meters under the ground in order to... walk along the underground street, touch the underground bed of stone and the walls of the underground church that is more than two thousand years old. Then you will get out to the surface of Cappadocia and shoot up on a balloon at dawn. From the height of several hundred meters you will see how the sun rises. You will enjoy the grapes, for many years growing on the sandy soils of Cappadocia, spend a night in  a house, cut off in a rock at the dawn of the millennium, and visit the rocky cave, which has never seen the sunlight. You will also have the possibility to rub the rock of Love Valley, ride horses along Red Valley or take a ride on jeeps along the field, spangled with stones. You will take pictures near the rare wall paintings in rocky monasteries and see the churches, cut off right in the mountains. Prepare for your journey to Cappadocia and take as many flash cards as possible, because this is the place, where you will take thousands of wonderful pictures if you take advantage of “Upjet” proposals.