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Antalya restaurants

The gastronomical palette of Antalya is selected by our taste experts specially for our guests. Brilliant cooks of the Mediterranean and high-class servicing. We provide comfortable transfer to the best restaurants of Antalya for our guests-gourmets.





The main concept of this restaurant is the broad use of international cuisine with Turkish motives that can be felt in it. A plate of cheeses will be served with Cappadocia wines, and a quite traditional ravioli – with a special sauce, prepared by the Ottoman recipe. A quite European servicing of traditional Turkish dishes also brings a peculiar note into Seraser cuisine.

Stella s Manzara

A cozy restaurant with a small terrace and the view to the emerald waters of the Mediterranean sea at the beautiful coastline. Traditional Turkish style, Mediterranean cuisine, and Oriental hospitality. This restaurant has gained love and of the most exigent gastronomical reviews of Turkey mass media. Appreciate the taste of Turkish snacks (“meze”) or enjoy the traditional Turkish vodka “raki” with a piece of fresh cheese and melon, looking at fishers' boats beneath... What can be better?

Antalya Balik Evi

One of the best fish restaurants of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Located in an authentic room, which takes you to the atmosphere of “1001 night” fairy tales, this restaurant offers the widest range of fish dishes. Mediterranean, Turkish, Ottoman, and even Byzantine cuisine! The rich wine card will emphasize the taste of various fish dishes and seafoods.

Vanilla Longue Antalia

The place, famous for its cocktails and fantastical cuisine, based on the recipes of the Ottoman cookery. At that the restaurant is designed in European, one could say, French style. Great deserts, rich variety of wines, cocktails, and drinks, various salads and light courses. You can really enjoy your meal in this restaurant!

Club Arma

One of the most romantic places of Antalya. The restaurant, located on a small rock with the view to the sea... It is such a pleasure to dine here, looking at the sea sunset. The restaurant's cuisine also improves this impression. The freshest sea fish, grilled with the herbs from Turkey's mountain meadows, traditional pilaw, or light fruit salad... it does not matter what you order. More importantly is that it is tasty. And after supper you can have some fun and dance. As there also is a disco-bar there.

«Калина-бар» и ресторан при отеле RIXOS DOWNTOWN

The restaurant in one of Antalya luxurious hotels offers its guests a great possibility of rest at the fresh air with the view to the park. Or to the sea. Or – in a cozy, stylish room where you will feel secluded. Anyway, you will be surprised with the skills of the restaurant's cooks. European, Turkish, and Mediterranean cuisine, the freshest products of the highest quality... And, of course, a rich variety of alcoholic drinks of local and imported production in the hotel's bar.