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Bebek district, Istanbul

The history of this old district of Istanbul is very interesting and romantic. During the heyday of the Ottoman Empire, when the Janissaries of Suleiman the Magnificent besieged the walls of Vienna, and ships rounded Africa and sailed to India, there was a young officer who lived in Istanbul. He was a Greek by birth that was very common in those days, because the population of the Byzantine Empire was mixed with Turks. Moreover, many Greeks accepted Islam. This officer also came from such a family and became a Janissary, famous for its courage and beauty. Turks valued these traits above all. Therefore, the officer whose name was Bebek got promotions one after another. He had even received a piece of land to build a mansion in one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul. Gradually the other officers of the Guards came here. It happened so that Bebek district in the Ottoman Empire was the favorite place for Istanbul Guards, ruthless and harsh Janissaries. And the word "Bebek" in Turkish means also a "child". There has always been a cult of children in modern and ancient Turkey. Of really beautiful children... Today Bebek is one of the most stylish and beautiful districts of Istanbul. There are plenty of discos, fashionable clubs and entertainment places that are open till morning. If you want to have a nice dinner and fun, then go to Bebek district.