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Beyoglu district of Istanbul

When Genoese and Venetian traders first came to the shores of the Bosphorus, they didn't even think they would settle here forever. Changing rapidly, trade interests demanded the presence of Italians in Constantinople. But... Italian guests have settled in Constantinople so firmly that they didn't leave the city even after it was renamed into Istanbul. There are two European districts of the city, which had long since been inhabited by the Genoese. They are Pera and Beyoglu. The landmarks of that era include one of the symbols of Istanbul - the Galata Tower (also known as The Tower of Christ), towering above the sea level to 140 meters. From there you can see Istanbul from a bird's eye view... Another place of interest of Beyoglu is the pedestrian Istiklal Avenue - a cult place, overflowing with cafes, restaurants, clubs, bookshops, cinemas... Beyoglu contrasts are the most interesting things. Istiklal has many inconspicuous alleys that in a hundred or two hundred meters resemble abandoned gangster wastelands in New York. Light and darkness, luxury and poverty - everything is within the limits of some tens of meters. This is the real Istanbul. This is the district of Beyoglu in Istanbul! Well, besides this you can see many beautiful Catholic churches, foreign embassies and consulates, mansions and palaces. Well, the main attraction of Beyoglu is the Golden Horn Bay, being considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The Golden Horn is truly amazing at sunset!