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Edirnekapi district, Itsanbul

In old times even the city guards were afraid to go in this district of Istanbul. If the authorities had to go to Edirnekapi, they formed an expedition with heavily armed soldiers. They had weighty arguments to do this! After all, Edirnekapi housed the two freedom-loving and proud peoples - Gypsies and Kurds. Fierce, terse, living under the laws of blood revenge, they still stand out against the very peace-loving Turks. Edirnekapi is a stronghold of the Gypsies and Kurds. Similar to favelas of Rio de Janeiro, it gives the tourists the opportunity to look at the seamy side of Istanbul. You'll have such opportunity too. Of course, this is an absolutely safe trip: you will see Edirnekapi from the windows of a well-protected bus. Reliable guarding, local guide and professional driver - all this will make your trip to Edirnekapi as safe as seeing a shark in a special cage for scuba divers. Want to see how the poor Istanbul lives? See the streets, as if descended from the paintings of Medieval Paris with its dregs of society and clochards? Understand the nature of inconsistency of this amazing city on the shores of the Bosporus? Then you need to visit Edirnekapi with a special tour. Please note that during all travel time our bus, being on constant communication with our office in Istanbul and followed by the police, won't make a single stop. The safety of our tourists is above all. You will see Edirnekapi, but will not risk anything. Discover Istanbul from every quarter. This city is worth being seen even from this standpoint.