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Etiler district, Istanbul

When it comes to shopping in Istanbul, everyone is talking exclusively about the district of Laleli for some reason. As if speaking of the U.S., you mentioned only Texas... Meanwhile, trade in Istanbul is not just a national sport for all ages. It is also a universal philosophy, especially in the shopping districts of the city. Etiler occupies a special place among them. Like in Laleli, there is an abundance of goods. But, unlike in Laleli, there are less tourist attractions. In Laleli you will likely overpay a little for the "tourist extra charge", but in Etiler you will get rid of these problems. Indeed, Etiler has the busiest, biggest and most prestigious shopping malls in Istanbul. They do not earn on tourists, they earn on trade. For example, Akmerkez shopping center. Do you think this is the largest shopping mall in Turkey? Certainly not! Akmerkez is the largest shopping center in Europe! Just imagine what opportunities for shopping are open to anyone who visits Etiler. In Etiler, there are shops that sell the most various products, this area is not specialized in one category of products. Carpets, clothing, jewelry, appliances, furniture, textiles, toys... It is not even one hundredth, but a thousandth part of what one can buy in Etiler shopping centers. Why limiting yourself to one particular district of Istanbul, if you want to buy a little more? Discover Etiler. Istanbul shopping centers are waiting for you.