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Kasimpasa district of Istanbul

This area is ideal for those who want a little more exotic and less extreme. After all, Kasimpasa is the place for the most cheerful, light-hearted, artistic and cultural Gypsies of Istanbul. This is the area of bohemian Gypsies. Artists and musicians, dancers and magicians, philosophers and strolling portrait painters... Kasimpasa Gypsies are famous in the whole Istanbul and Turkey. When the wealthy Turks want to have fun, they come here, in Kasimpasa. What for? First and foremost, in order to enjoy the gypsy dancers' show. This is not a belly dance or modern dance. This is a wild, beautiful and fascinating spectacle... After you see their performance, you can wander through Kasimpasa with a guide to see the most wonderful and unusual Istanbul. For example, immigrants from Africa settle in Kasimpasa with their incredible customs and strange costumes. Hundreds of languages, hundreds of nationalities, black colors - this is Kasimpasa. In this area you can see several streets, popular among transvestites. Surprisingly, but Turks are very tolerant to such people, and they have no problems with the police. Of course, if they do not break the laws. Well, except for unusual Africans, transvestites and Gypsies with their fiery dances and songs, there are many of those who are called "the bottom of society". This fascinating spectacle is absolutely safe if you discover it during our "Reverse side of Istanbul" tour. The goal of any self-respecting traveler is to discover Istanbul for what it really is. So reach it by taking part in our "Reverse side of Istanbul" tour, and visit the incredible, amazing and fascinating district of Istanbul. Welcome to Kasimpasa!