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Nisantasi district of Istanbul

Many people think Istanbul is a typical eastern city. They are right, but... wrong at the same time. Like any metropolis, Istanbul is also a giant vanity fair and glamorous place. In this sense, the city on the shores of the Bosphorus is quite European. The best way to see this is to visit the district of Nisantasi, which the Turks themselves call the cradle of Turkish glamour. To begin with, many wealthy bourgeoisie began to settle here at the dawn of 20 century. As the first district where trams were running, Nisantasi was famous for its convenient location, prestigious neighbors and infrastructure. But before the representatives of the highest class began to settle in Nisantasi, many young Ottoman princes loved to stay here. Here, on the green meadows, they hunted and staged shooting competitions for fun. Later on other famous people settled here: poets, millionaires, artists, and even Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish republic. By the way, Ataturk Museum is located precisely in Nisantasi, where the father of the nation loved to relax in the evenings after exhausting public affairs... Today Nisantasi means glamor and prestige, splendor and luxury. The Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk enjoys writing about this district of Istanbul, rich foreigners, coming to Istanbul, prefer to rent houses and apartaments here, and the wealthy Turks send their children to the local high schools. The most amazing thing is that all the buildings were constructed at the dawn of XX - the end of XIX centuries, and represent real architectural monuments. Some of these monuments are inhabited by people! Incredible, but true. This is possible only in Nisantasi: the district of the most expensive restaurants and exclusive clubs.