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Topkapi district of Istanbul

Topkapi Palace gardens - one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul. After all, parks and gardens on the shores of the Bosphorus were laid out for the most powerful Ottoman sultans! Evil be to the gardener who didn't know how to feast the heart of the lord... Getting to the parks of Topkapi, you feel like in paradise. Exotic birds, mostly parrots, scream under the trees. Rare flowers of unprecedented beauty bloom, moustached gardeners carefully watch over many rare and valuable trees... Fountains of pure water spout, birds sing, the Bosporus ripples, the Topkapi hills offer stunning views... Topkapi Palace, which houses many treasures of the Ottoman Empire, is located literally next door to the gardens, so they are also known as Topkapi. But Istanbul would not be real if these gardens didn't have their salt. This is an amazing flea market, in comparison to which, similar markets in Paris and Moscow, London and New York simply fade. This is truly a paradise for shoppers of old, rare, and unique things. Antique Ottoman engravings, rare coins of the Byzantine period, telephone of the early 20th century, dress, embroidered by hand by Anatolian women of the 18 century, and even a set of yellowed family photographs, made at the dawn of photography... Flea market in Istanbul provides an opportunity to buy anything! It is open day and night; this is the place for shopaholics where they feel happy. Of course, except for the flea market and gardens, Topkapi district has other advantages. For example, there are many art galleries, where contemporary writers sell their new and old styled works.