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Ulus district and Park, Istanbul

The most remarkable thing in Istanbul is the abundance of parks. They are literally transforming this metropolis with 20 million inhabitants in front of your eyes. Despite the fact that machines and people have literally flooded the city, the air remains clear thanks to the unique Ulus Park near the sea. Waves of the Bosphorus reach the land where hundreds of beautiful flowers and rare trees grow, and fountains and springs spout... Despite the fact that Ulus Park is relatively small and literally wedged between the residential areas with abundance of houses, yet the local landscapes remind of peace and absolute privacy. Who wants to enjoy the Bosphorus in silence admires the Bosporus from Ulus Park. Although, of course, in summer you can hear the voices of children, laughter, hilarious ruckus. Indeed, in Ulus it is accepted to go on a picnic at weekends. The residents of Istanbul, who appreciate the beauty and cleanliness of the city, relax in Ulus Park with their families. The district, named after the park, is very clean, comfortable and homelike. If you want to become better acquainted with the traditions and customs of a Turkish family - they have the cult of family - then you should visit Ulus. Ulus Park offers magnificent panoramic views of the city of Istanbul!