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  • Ankara
  • Bursa
  • Cappadocia
  • Pamukkale
  • Izmir
  • Troy
  • Konya
  • Trabzon
  • Antalya
  • Van
  • Nevsehir
  • Sanliurfa
  • Yalova
  • Ephesus
  • This is the most mysterious place in Turkey - the city, where for dozens of centuries there existed the closed Sufi Order of the Muslim monks, transmitting the secret knowledge from generation to generation... We know these people as whirling dervishes and can see their famous dances today. But dervishes are only one of the most interesting parts of the history of Konya. This city appeared on the map 20 centuries ago, when the ancient Hittites, who threatened even the mighty Pharaohs of Egypt, settled in Konya. After the Hittites the cheerful Greeks,  who had built their own city in the middle of ancient ruins, came. Konya was permanently included into the orbit of the Greek and later the Roman world. The city was described in the Acts of the Apostles; the apostle Paul himself came here with religious missions. Here rested the emperor of Rome, the mighty Claudius. Phrygians, Romans, Byzantines... These and other nations have contributed to the architecture and culture of Konya. All this remained till the Crusaders came, they have built here fortresses to protect the Latin empire from the "unfaithful", after conquering Constantinople in the early 13th century. Then the Muslims and dervishes came after the Crusaders... The most famous poet of the East, Omar Khayyam, who poetized wine and women in his immortal Rubai, was also among them. Being the city which became sacred to the Muslim philosophers, Konya saw the rise and the power of the Ottoman empire and its decline: here was held the battle between the armies of Egypt and the sultans of Istanbul, when the Turks were defeated... Now Konya is a living monument of antiquity and the Seljuk Empire. Discover Turkey in Konya.