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Balikli church in Istanbul

When a Byzantine monk, who went from a small chapel across a grove, carrying a few fried fish for dinner, he had no idea what he was about to meet with a marvelous place. It was spring, the grove was blooming, and the monk... dropped the fish into the stream. The fish  revived in front of the eyes of the astonished monk... This legend is very beautiful, but Balikli church which had appeared at this site is not less beautiful. There is a miraculous spring next to it, being sacred for those who profess Christianity. Even Muslims believe that Balikli waters are miraculous. Therefore, there are lots of people who try to drink its water, wash and take a little amount to their homes. According to archaeologists, Balikli church was built in the 4th century AD. This is a very old temple, one of the oldest in Istanbul. After all, Constantinople was not yet the capital of Byzantium, and there was the Roman Empire. Moreover, many scientists believe that there was was a small Christian basilica at this place before the appearance of the temple of Balikli. And before it there was a pagan temple. So this is a time-honored place... After Constantinople was conquered by the Turks, the monastery was empty for some time. Then, at the request of the faithful, it was returned to the Christians. By the way, Balikli nunnery still works to this day. The fact that this monastery is surrounded by a Muslim cemetery with traditional Islamic tombstones emphasizes Istanbul's multicultural character and originality, and the mixture of its peoples...