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Blachernae church, Istanbul

Even in those days, when Constantinople was not even a part of the Roman Empire and was called Byzantium, the city had been constantly besieged. The city has been a dream for many tribes and peoples. Everyone wanted to control the Bosphorus and the Black and the Mediterranean seas. Therefore, they besieged Constantinople so often. In IX-X centuries the militant Polovtsians, Slavs and Avars often tried to capture the city. During one of such invasions the fleet of the warlike Rus tribe, coming from the territory of modern Ukraine, had almost captured the city. But during the procession, arranged by besieged residents, the storm suddenly began. As chroniclers wrote, "Our Lady hid the city under its cover." In the honor of this event the Orthodox world organizes the Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God. The church where the procession was held has gained great popularity among the faithful. This was the famous Blachernae church... Even a suburb of Istanbul (Constantinople) was called after it. In the 11th century they've built the Imperial Palace near the church, popular among The Cantacuzino family. Unfortunately, the palace was ruined, but even the ruins - quite beautiful - show us the greatness and power of the empire at that time. They kept the icon of the Mother of God in this church, it was taken to Russia, Moscow, after the fall of the city in 1453. Next to Blachernae they have built a small imperial palace. Finally, Blachernae became the place where the Turkish soldiers had entered for the first time during the tragic assault of the city, and caused the fall of Byzantium. The walls of Blachernae still keep the memory of that assault to this day...