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Bosphorus trip, Istanbul

The Turks say: "If you feel sad, then go to the Bosphorus." After all, the Bosphorus - one of the most beautiful straits in the world - is truly a sight of incredible beauty. This can be the morning strait with glares of Istanbul sun, jumping among the waves and small boats of fishermen scurrying along the Bosphorus. This can be the night strait with giant cruise ships, humming and sailing across the strait, studded with the lights of ships. This can be in the evening, when the waters of the Bosphorus gain noble silver glitter due to the setting sun... It does not matter: the Bosphorus is beautiful always and in any weather. Of course, everyone, who comes to Istanbul, is simply obliged to take a walk along the Bosphorus! Make a boat trip, which should take you two or three hours. They will pass unnoticed... After all, you will see not only the Bosporus, but also Istanbul, bordering the strait like a precious frame borders the most expensive stone. You will see Anadolu and Rumeli Fortresses, thanks to which the severe Ottomans managed to conquer Constantinople. You will be amazed with their size - it can be seen only from the sea... You will pass the Maiden Tower, built on an island in the middle of the Bosphorus by the order of Alexander of Macedon. See the mansions of the nobility - of marble and precious mahogany - which were built along the shoreline of the Strait. Both in the old days and now, to own a house on the Bosphorus meant to be a millionaire... But, of course, you won't pass by the modern Istanbul. You will see the skyscrapers and prestigious clubs that are open on the artificial islands. While traveling, a friendly seaman will treat you to some tea, brewed according to the old Turkish recipe, while your guide tells you about everything you see. Strolling along the Bosphorus is the basics of any trip to Istanbul. If you didn't take the Bosphorus trip, then you have not seen Istanbul. So hurry up to see it!