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Ecumenical Patriarchate, Istanbul

Being the main temple of all branches of the Orthodox Christianity, this church is literally full of relics. There is the column where Jesus Christ was scourged according to legend. But first, let's talk a bit about the history of this amazing building. Once there was the St. Theodosius Monastery, located in the church. But in 1601 the Patriarch has left his former residence and moved here. In order to avoid sectarian violence that occurred during the Middle Ages in Istanbul, the church had to be enclosed by a solid wall. The gates of the main Orthodox church in Istanbul were decorated with a metal cross. Patriarchate of Constantinople is respected and recognized by the entire world. At one time the heads of this church institution were St. John Chrysostom and Gregory the Theologian. During the time of their church government, they've imported a large number of shrines and relics into the city. Besides the mentioned column, there are many relics of saints, a few nails from the cross on which the Savior was crucified, dozens of icons and frescoes, invaluable for both - the believers and the whole world. After all, they are the strong evidence of the history of Istanbul. Anyone who visits the Patriarchate will see its throne room, where the Patriarch sits enthroned (one of them was the personal throne of St. John Chrysostom!), and the old, adorned with engravings Gospel Book...