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Galata Tower, Istanbul

Istanbul is so replete with sights that sometimes it even... causes problems. We are talking about the symbol of the city. There are at least ten buildings, monuments and temples in Istanbul that are known all over the world and can be placed on the coat of arms of the city! Galata Tower is one of such informal symbols... This majestic building of 61 meters gives its visitors a unique opportunity. Climbing up to the Galata observation deck, you'll see Istanbul the way the gulls living on the shores of the Bosphorus see it... Believe, Istanbul with a bird's-eye view looks amazing and fascinating... Some words about the tower itself. It was built in the city during the Middle Ages, when the weak Byzantine Empire let the merchants of Venice and Genoa build their own districts in Constantinople. Two of them were called Pera and Beyoglu. They are located on the European shore of the city and represent the real little Europe in Istanbul. To watch the sea, the Genoese have built this tower. It was a real skyscraper in those days and by today. The height of the tower and its thickness are really amazing. Today you can use the elevator to get to the top of Galata, while during the Ottoman Empire they had to climb on foot... Galata Tower is located near the sea, next to the Golden Horn Bay. There is also a bridge near it which is also called Galata. This place is considered one of the most beautiful in Istanbul.