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Hippodrome of Istanbul

Istanbul is the center of Turkey. Sultanahmet district is the center of Istanbul. Hippodrome is the center of Sultanahmet. This is not all! After all, the Hippodrome is also the center of Constantinople and Byzantium. Here was placed the center of a giant empire which had inherited from Rome nearly everything. From here the victorious legions of Byzantium went to Egypt, Syria and Bulgaria. At the Hippodrome the powerful emperors of Isaurian and Macedonian dynasty held trials and punishment. Major life events of Constantinople were held at the Hippodrome - the famous Nika revolt and the death of forty thousand citizens in the hands of mercenaries... The Hippodrome today is the starting point for all sightseeing tours. You will see here the ancient Egyptian column with hieroglyphs - it was brought to Constantinople by sea, while the transportation has taken a few years. At the base of the column you will see the stone with a portrait sculpture of the emperor Theodosius and his retinue. There are two more columns adjacent to the large-tonnage Egyptian one. The Greek one - cast from bronze weapons of Persians, whom the combined forces of Greeks had defeated during the invasion of Xerxes. And one of the Middle Ages - covered with silver plates (removed during the capture of the city by the Crusaders), where the head of the last emperor of Byzantium, Constantine, was hoisted by the orders of Sultan Mehmet... Of course, the Hippodrome is surrounded by tourist attractions. Adjacent to it there are the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, and a little below - the Bosphorus... In the era of the Ottoman Empire military parades were held at the Hippodrome. They also held parades of the best troops of the sultans, the Janissaries.