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Mosaic Museum (Chora) in Istanbul

Not all residents of medieval Byzantium knew how to read. Lots of guests professing Christianity often arrived in Constantinople from other countries, but many of them didn't know the Greek language... They were all invited to the Mosaic Museum (Chora) to read the contents of the Scriptures. Although modern tourists know how to read, they are still recommended to visit the Museum of Mosaics. After all, this amazingly beautiful place gives us the rough idea of the art of mosaics and frescoes in the Byzantine Empire. This art trend has reached incredible heights in the Middle Ages. The Chora Monastery looks like a small church. But once you get inside, you forget about everything... After all, literally every square inch of the walls and ceiling is decorated with images from the Bible. It is very exciting to realize that these images are already more than eight centuries old... By the way, one can study the Scriptures when reading the Chora's frescoes. Just like in comic books, all events of the New Testament are written here from first to last; from the moment when the angel brought Mary the news that she will become the Mother of God, to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus... Those frescoes and mosaics were spared even by the Turkish Muslims, whose religion didn't allow to paint people and keep these pictures. The Chora Monastery has impressed even people who practice Islam... The small and very cozy courtyard of the church has a magnificent view of Istanbul.