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Pierre Loti observation deck in Istanbul

When Pierre Loti, a French adventurer and soldier, first arrived in Constantinople, - the Europeans called this city in such an old fashioned way, but the Turks themselves called it Istanbul - he hardly ever thought that he would stay here forever. This brilliant military, trained in the best French military units under the leadership of the best officers, had some secret missions. He had fulfilled them in the Ottoman empire. After that he decided to settle in Istanbul. He was too attracted by the Bosphorus views, when he sat all days and nights long in a chair of his favorite coffee house. They say that the figure of the silent Frenchman who began to wear fez (Turkish national headdress) and smoke hookah has become a symbol of this coffee shop. Today it is called Pierre Loti cafe. Istanbul has made such an impression on the romantic Frenchman that he decided to stay here forever! Looking at the stunning views of the Bosphorus from the hill, where his favorite coffee house stood, he became a true romantic and... began to write books. The brave warrior wrote so well that he held an honorable position in French literature (he wrote his books in French). Today, lots of tourists from all around the world come to the hill where the French-Turkish writer Pierre loved to spend time. After all, from here one can admire the most beautiful views of the Bosphorus and Istanbul...