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Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul

When the Tatars kidnapped a fair-haired girl, the daughter of a priest, during their foray on a solitary Russian village near Lvov, they could hardly imagine that they were going to sale in Istanbul the most powerful woman of the Ottoman empire. Of course, Roksolana had not been that woman yet. But in a short time she married sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. They have been living like in a fairy tale, long and happy lives, leaving after themselves several children (one of them became the next sultan) and Suleymaniye Mosque. It was built specially in the honour of the family of sultan. They say that when several dozens of kilograms of precious stones were brought from Egypt, Suleiman ordered to throw them in the building footing. Of course, Suleymaniye Mosque is noteworthy for many things. It was the masterpiece of Eastern art, designed by the prominent architect, “The Michelangelo of the Orient”, Sinan. He was the sultan's personal architect who could build anything, anyhow and in any terms. Today Suleymaniye is considered one of the best and the most beautiful  mosques of the whole Muslim world. This is a religious complex. Near the mosque there is a burial-vault, where sultan Suleiman and his Slavic beloved Roksolana with their several children were buried. There is also a religious school, small cemetery of grandees and... a bath house.