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Topkapi Palace in Istanbul

Topkapi Palace is more than a palace. We speak about the Topkapi palace complex. Everyone who comes to Istanbul is simply obliged to visit this place. What can you see here? First, the church of St. Irene, the oldest survived church in Istanbul. It was built in the fourth century AD and welcomed by Emperor Constantine the Great! Once they built Hagia Sophia in the city, the Church of St. Irene became the family church of the emperors. During the Ottoman reign they have arranged a weapon hall for Janissaries, and now they hold concerts here - the church is famous for its amazing acoustics. Right next to it there are the gates to the castle of Topkapi. This is a gigantic structure, from which the sultans headed the Ottoman Empire for more than three hundred years - the structure over which the sun never sets. Armory: here you will find everything - the sword of the conqueror of Constantinople, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, 2-meter two-handed sword of the Crusader, the Venetian warrior's armor and arrows of the Khazar tribes, and the first fire-arms in Europe. Hall of jewels: it is replete with diamonds and huge brilliants, orders, thrones, snuff boxes and arms, richly decorated with rare stones. Hall with kitchen utensils: the rarest specimens of porcelain from ancient China and Japan, brought to Istanbul with the embassies. Well, and the kitchen and harem. Topkapi is the only place where you are fully able to understand the power and majesty of the Ottoman Empire, due to which Istanbul has become the real center of the world...