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Yedikule Museum, Istanbul

Today this is an old fortress, located quite far from the sea. Its giant towers are connected with thick walls, where you can walk and where two riders can go their ways. But sometimes there were torture chambers in Yedikule... Today you can see them when visiting the Museum of Torture in the Castle of the Seven Towers (another name of Yedikule). No one remains indifferent in the gloomy atmosphere of the huge towers, where prisoners were kept for decades and left their inscriptions in pitch darkness... You will be amazed exploring the medieval torture instruments and swords used for executions of princes... Visit hidden chambers with the doors hidden from the world, where they kept "iron masks" - people who could not open their faces even for a minute... Then you can climb the highest tower of Yedikule to see the giant stone wells - that's more than twenty meters! - where those in disfavour were thrown. During the invasions, in some of these wells they kept the Sultans' gold and precious stones. According to eyewitnesses, the wells were filled to the top! In addition to the Museum of Torture, at Yedikule one can see the Golden Gate, over which the Slavic prince Oleg ordered to beat his shield. He laid siege to Constantinople and withdrew his men from the shores of the Bosphorus just after he had won big ransom. In the courtyard you can see the big guns of the Ottoman era and simply relax on the emerald grass of the lawn, which is carefully cultivated here by gardeners...