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Yeditepe observation deck in Istanbul

Among all the observation decks of Istanbul - the city, teeming with hills, has a lot of them - this one stands out for several reasons. Firstly, Yeditepe has a magnificent panoramic view of the Bosphorus, which is considered the main attraction of the city. Do you know why? After all, this is one of the most beautiful straits of the world, probably with the most beautiful coastline. Namely Yeditepe hill and its observation deck gives you the opportunity to admire the Bosporus, understand that this is a single strait and imagine its incredible size. Secondly, Yeditepe offers views of the Bosphorus and old Istanbul. The inexpressible charm of this eastern city is presented to those who climb Yeditepe, leaving in memory the beauty of East and West, merged together on the shores of the Bosphorus... Third, this is a real vanity fair! Of course, rich people in Istanbul could not ignore such a great place, arguing with each other for the right to live near Yeditepe. A square meter of the land is incredibly expensive! They say, the billionaire's mansion of the owner of an international network of shops Ramstore, built on Yeditepe hill, costs more than twenty million dollars! This figure can be slightly inaccurate. Lands in this place are extremely valuable. Standing on it, you will enjoy Istanbul from the bird's-eye view. Breathe in the salty air of the Bosporus, listen to the cries of gulls, watch the steeples of churches and mosques... Imagine how the old city of Istanbul survived intact and how this metropolis grows... If you want to see Istanbul, then look at it from Yeditepe observation deck.