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Tour guide 
Want to know more about Istanbul and thoroughly explore the city? Wish to escape from pushing among groups of tourists at the must-see places? Then our "Tour guide" service is what you need. Tour guide is your personal guard, tour guide and friend in Istanbul. This is your personal guide who will pay attention exclusively to you.
Accompanying guide
He will show you the most beautiful mosques and temples in Istanbul, show you the best and the most reasonably priced restaurant during the day and keep your company for a cup of coffee during the evening. He will take you to the necessary place and show any point of interest - your accompanying guide in Istanbul.

Interpreter services 
Being in Istanbul, but staying home. Enjoy the benefits of travel and usual conveniences of native city. All this is possible thanks to the interpreter services. We provide you with the best interpreters, true professionals that make your acquaintance with Istanbul and its inhabitants as complete as possible. Feel the city of Istanbul with interpreter services from UPJET.
Rent a car 
This is the best way to spend time in Istanbul without worrying about transport. Car rental service will give you the opportunity to visit distant corners of this giant metropolis. No need to worry about it. Just UPJET. Just car rental service. Forget about the rest - until you see your car from the window of your room in Istanbul. Leave us the keys when leaving. We will take your car to parking. 
Yacht rental
Who said that luxury is not for rent? Yacht rental service in Turkey is the opportunity to feel rich with little money. Beautiful coastlines, clean sea, mountains, orange and laurel groves, beautiful underwater scenery... Treat yourself to paradise. UPJET. Yacht rental in Turkey.

Hotel services

Decorate your hotel room to your taste! Hotel services from UPJET - the opportunity to turn your hotel room into the house of dreams. Fruit and chocolate in the room? Decorating the room for a romantic elegant dinner? Creating a cozy atmosphere with flowers and candles? Making a bath with aromatic oils? Everything you want to see in your room in Istanbul will be put into practice. UPJET. We make your stay in Istanbul convenient.