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General info about Cappadocia

UPJET offers you to make a journey to the moon plateau in the very center of the Earth

Turkey is one of the richest countries of the world in what comes to history, culture and archeology. But tourists know it mostly for its sea resorts. Don't deprive yourself of the bigger part of the wonderful, incredible, marvelous Turkey that was discovered long ago by the real connoisseurs of travelling. Discover Cappadocia! UPJET offers you to visit it. Our offer will let you...

... see the most unusual plateau on Earth. The area of more than one hundred kilometers represents a real moon landscape! The mountains of a soft sandstone are corroded with winds and water, that's why the surface of Cappadocia is no different at all from the moon surface, corroded with craters.

... visit the most unusual region of the Earth, settled... under the ground.
For thousand years people have been living in Cappadocia under the ground. The were building giant underground cities of nine-ten floors. Their houses were cut in mountains. What looks like an abandoned moon surface is a real city under the ground, at the depth of 10-15 meters, a city with streets, houses, crossroads, bedrooms, water supplies and even underground gardens! The inhabitants of Cappadocia are still building their houses in the mountains!

... visit a unique Goreme complex of rocky monasteries. It is more than one and a half thousand years old. These are several dozens of monasteries and churches, cut right in the rocks above the ground and under it. Every church is decorated with ancient wall paintings – one of the oldest on the planet – that refer to the centuries VI-VII A.D.

... have a rest in the heavenly Zemi Valley. This is an oasis in the middle of the poured volcanic ash, forming the surface of Cappadocia. Here it is warm all the year round, the birds are singing, the grass and the gardens are vividly green. Here the vineyards are planted on the sand; due to them the wines of Cappadocia are known not only in Turkey, but in the whole world. And this is merited! You will make sure of it when you taste these wines.

… make a clay plate with your own hands in the city-museum of Avanos. This is a giant village with hundreds of shops, where the popular craftsmen make houseware objects, necessary for everyday life, and clothes. You will have the possibility to help them and feel like an ancient craftsman of Cappadocia.

... live in a rock. In Cappadocia there are a lot of hotels situated in the mountains as well as the ancient houses and churches of this unique place.  At the same time, these are very comfortable. And the memories will be enough for you till the rest of your life. Where else do you have the possibility to wake up in an ancient mountain at the first rays of the sun rising above the moon surface?..