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Trip to Izmir

A trip to one of the biggest Turkish cities with 5,000-year history is a mix of shopping, cultural tourism, and, of course, recreation. Many companies offer trips to Izmir. We have developed our offer as an optimum combination of tours and recreation to make it more interesting and easier for you to explore the sights of Izmir. So, our offer includes:

... visit to Agora

It is not necessary to wander year by year in the European museums in order to see the masterpieces of the world sculpture. Agora of Izmir allows to see them during one day. Sculptures of ancient craftsmen depicting Demeter, Artemis, Poseidon, Zeus, busts of emperors, small stone-carved portraits of the Roman Empire residents - amaze tourists in the open air. While admiring them, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular coast of Izmir. There will be a curved shore line and clean sea in front of you, and mountains behind you...

... visit to Kadifekale hill castle

It is an unassailable fortress, which offers sea views. The panorama of the Kadifekale castle is considered one of the most beautiful sceneries on the Mediterranean coast. The fortress was built in the times of the Byzantine Empire, and is 2,000 years old! You will feel the History while touching its impressive walls...


... ascent to the Clock Tower

This broach of 27 meters high rises above Izmir and offers a bird's-eye view of the city and its neighborhoods. There are authentic Ottoman houses near the tower, where the common residents of the Ottoman Empire used to live in the 19th century.

... walk in the Museum of Smyrna

Today's Izmir is the biblical Smyrna. 3,000 years ago the founder of the world literature Homer lived and worked there, the apostles of Christ preached there, the architectural center of the Ancient Hellas was there. You will learn about it and see it in Izmir. Do not be afraid to get tired: you will relax in the thermal springs of Agamemnon or in the baths of the goddess Diana...

Izmir can compete in the number of antiquities and beauty with only one ancient city - Ephesus...