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A unique natural reserve. Resort. Paradise on the shore of the beautiful bay of the Aegean Sea. An ancient city, inhabited still during the days of antiquity. An antique Ottoman caravan. Finally, the modern Turkish city, providing its guests with maximum opportunity to relax and have fun. Yes, it is all about the same place on the map of Turkey. And this place is called - Kuşadasi! 

...The main difference of Kuşadasi is, that it is located literally at the territory of a unique natural reserve. Millions of years, the most beautiful birds of various kinds (from storks to pelicans and flamingos) like to stop in this area, during the flight. Everyone can admire this magnificent view, birds nest on the island in nowadays too. Residents of the city had connected the island with the land with the help of a dam.

...The bay, near which Kuşadasi is located, is known as the most beautiful place in the Aegean Sea. There is the most beautiful shore line, which was appreciated by ancient Greeks. They built a city there and named it Samos. Samos has been the center of Greek culture for several centuries. After Hellenes, seaport and the city was under the reign of Lydians, after Lydians territory was taken by powerful Persians, which were replaced by the great conqueror Alexander III of Macedonia. The most remarkable is, that the traces of many cultures and natives, which had changed each other in Kuşadasi, remain to this day! Besides the monuments of ancient times, in  Kuşadasi there are the buildings of the Middle Ages, when the city belonged to the Republic of Venice, and then to Genoa. And, of course, in Kuşadasi you can find the monuments of the Ottoman Empire. For example, the magnificent caravan (castle, inn and restaurant), which appeared here almost five centuries ago. 

...Kuşadasi is the paradise on earth. And it is not an exaggeration. Visit this place only  once and you will understand – the climate and nature of Kuşadasi are really heavenly. Mineral sources are beating from the ground, huge snow-white sand y beaches, full of sun are stretching along the coast. UNESCO organization has recognized the beaches in this Turkey area as a natural attraction. There is an abundance of cedar, pine, orange and laurel groves. The purest air and, of course, the sea. Sailing sport and recreation on yachts are very popular here, because the shore line is aboundant in beautiful bays and gulfs. You can spend an unforgettable vacation here. 

… everyone who gets to Kuşadasi, automatically becomes the visitor of two antique cities, which are known in the whole world. We talk about Ephesus and Priene. Ephesus is one of the centers of  ancient culture, the city, which has got to the Bible (it is mentioned in « Acts of Apostles » several times), with the rests of the famous temple of Artemis and with basilica, where was one of the first-ever Christian Cathedrals. Also, in Ephesus, is a preserved house, where Saint Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, has spent her last years. An ancient library of Celsus, Hadrian temple and almost all ancient city. Priene has its own attractions: possibility to see Athene Pallada temple, which was consecrated by Alexander the Great!

...History, recreation, nature – the main features, which attract thousands of tourists from around the world to Kuşadasi. Join them!