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Pirates Coast

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An unique tour of the most interesting places on Antalya coast. Tour participants walk on the paths of the Lycian kingdom, and open it for the world, as Lycians themselves did in their times. The Lost World, unique places: idyllic harbors, where fleets of pirates were hiding, wild gorges, where the whole cities lived, fortresses on the mountain tops, and carved out of the same mountains. This is a test of the soul: look at yourself as a particle of a wide world, which was simply not seen for the last millennium. This is a test of the character – you will have to overcome many of the fears and, like a man of antiquity, rise above yourself.

Day 1

Arrival in Antalya. Transfer and accommodation at the hotel. Dinner at the hotel. Free time.

Day 2

We have a substantial breakfast as we might be active today. Transfer to the village of Goynyuk where the eponymous canyon begins. In the lower reaches of the canyon there is a park with a lot of natural lakes and grottoes. Here we walk 15 km - six hours of hiking down the canyon, mountain ranges and pine forest. Accommodation at Gul Mountain Hotel, at an altitude of 1000 meters above the sea level. Dinner.

Day 3

After breakfast we wait for transfer (8 km) to the village of Gedelme. Along the way we will walk through the ancient Roman castle Gedelme. We will have lunch in the village. There will be a lot of sightseeings around it: a camp of nomads, caves on a depth of 150 meters, and two thousand years sycamore. We will see everything! We will continue transfer to rural homes on plateau Kuzdere (Yayla - mountain pasture). We will dine and spend the night in the village houses.

Day 4

After breakfast the sky is awaiting for us. Climbing to the highest point of the region – The Tahtali mountain (2386 m). The entire coast is open from here, spread before the eyes. We hike to the peak that takes about three hours. Then we go down the path for mules to the village of Beycik, where transport will take us to the village of Cirali, to Olympos beach. Here, the mountains and the sea are separated by pomegranate, orange, and lemon gardens. We will dine and spend the night at the guest house.

5 День

We will have breakfast and go for a boat walk: swimming in the most beautiful bays of Antalya region. Lunch at the boat. Then we will go back to the guest house. Dinner and rest.

6 День

We will have rest on the beach of Olympos. We can also take a walk on Chimera, a low hill in a pine forest, on top of which the sacred fire is situated. You can take a walk in the ancient city of Olympos. Here Macedonian troopers landed in the harbor before the conquest of Persia.

7 День

Rest on the beach of Olympos.

8 День

We go back to Antalya airport. Flight home.