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Psoriasis treatment in Turkey - Sivas, Kangal

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Say NO to psoriasis

Treatment for skin diseases at Sivas and Kangal unique resorts

New offer from UPJET company - the opportunity to relax at Sivas and Kangal resorts with thermal baths and "doctor fish". The advantage of our offer is that we give you the opportunity to...

... relax in an ideal climate for the human body. Situated at an altitude of 1,5 km above sea level, this place has ideal atmospheric pressure. Kangal and Sivas are situated in the mountains, offering clean air and absolutely pristine environmental conditions free of any kinds of pollution. There are thermal springs with hot water among the forests and groves in the middle of the mountains... It is rich in zinc and selenium; therefore it has healing properties. The cities of Kangal and Sivas are a true paradise in the mountains.

... take advantage of trying a rare kind of treatment held by... "doctor fish". This is a small fish, living in ponds at each thermal spring. As a result of evolutionary mutations these fishes were eating dead skin cells of living creatures. The fish saliva has strong healing properties. According to official medical records, if a fish school in Sivas or Kangal lake "pinches" a part of your body affected with psoriasis, lichen or other skin disease, it clears and heals! Kangal and Sivas lakes relate to the Ministry of Health of Turkey. These unique fishes from mountain lakes were explored and described by scientists from around the world.

... cure at Sivas and Kagan resorts such diseases as:
- psoriasis
- lichen
- eczema
- weakness
- decrease in immunity
- dermatophyte
- vitiligo
- acne
- skin diseases

... experience the combination of 4 beneficial factors of Kangal and Sivas: UV radiation in the mountains, thermal water, "doctor fish" and oxygenated mountain air. All this will allow you to regain strength, tone, and health!


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