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Treasures of Eastern Anatolia Tour

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Move on 10 thousand years ago. Go where...
...Abraham led his people to Palestine
...ancient Hettites descended from the mountains to destroy the Kingdom of Egypt
...Pushkin wrote the poem on the Erzurum hills
...King Antiochus was buried in the mountain mausoleum
...on Anatolian plateau appeared the first city of the Earth...
Back from the past with “Treasures of Eastern Anatolia”

Istanbul - Malatya - Adiyaman - Urfa - Mardin - Diyarbakir - Van - Dogubeyazit - Kars - Erzurum - Trabzon - Istanbul


Day 1 (Saturday) – Arrival to Istanbul. Airport-hotel transfer. Hotel accommodation. Free time. Dinner. 

Day 2 (Sunday) – Breakfast. Transfer to Istanbul airport and flight to Malatya. Trip to Adiyaman. Climbing up the Nemrut mountain that is the national park under UNESCO protection, at the same time. Visit to the funeral complex of King Antiochus at the top of the mountain. Hotel accommodation. Dinner.  

Day 3 (Monday) - Breakfast. Trip to Urfa (~ 109 km). Excursion around Urfa, which is called «The city of prophets». This place is known as the settlement of 5 prophets, including the legendary Abraham who migrated from here to the land of ancient Palestine. The cave where, according to legend, Abraham, was born is named in his honor. Visit to Harran valley, the cradle of ancient Mesopotamia, where the very first human civilization appeared (before Egypt!). Hotel accommodation. Free time. Dinner.  

Day 4 (Tuesday) — Breakfast. Visit to the archaeological museum, where the most ancient statue in the world is exhibited. Trip to Diyarbakir (~ 180 km). Visit to Gobekli Tepe during the trip. It is a mountain sanctuary, located on the highest edge's spot. First and the most ancient religious center on earth; Visit to Mardin city — stone city and Aramaic monastery. Hotel accommodation in Diyarbakir. Dinner.  

Day 5 (Wednesday) - Excursion around Diyarbakir which appeared in the 7th century B.C. Visit to the world's longest city walls which survived from the 4th A.D. Visit to the Ulu Camii mosque (the begining of the 12th century). Watching the Aramaic church. Trip to the legendary Van city (~ 379 km), near which there is located the  cleanest high altitude lake. An old church raises on island in the middle of the lake. Visit to the church on the Akdamar island during the trip.  

Day 6 (Thursday) – Breakfast. Visit to Van fortress, built in the 9th century B.C. Its walls were the witnesses of hordes of Scythians, Greeks, Armenians, Seljuks, and Ottomans invasions. Excursion around ancient Cavustepe city. You can see here ancient temple of Urartu kingdom, its Kings' letters on clay tablets, marvel at the height of fortress walls built of bricks...Then trip to Dogubeyazit (~ 150 km), Ishak Pasa palace is located in the center of the city here. Trip to Kars (~ 180 km), place is famous for its honey and virgin nature. Hotel accommodation. Free time. Dinner.

Day 7 (Friday) — Breakfast. Visit to Kars fortress, old Armenian churches, Seljuks mosques. Excursion around ancient Ani city, the city of thousands of churches, abundant with temples of 9th-12th centuries. Fantastic landscape — dozens of stone cathedrals among the mountainous desert — fascinating....Trip to Erzurum (~ 200 km). Excursion around Erzurum, where the great Russian poet Pushkin has served for a time. Ancient Armenian city, conquered by the Persians, Byzantian, Seljuks, Mongolians, Ottomans, and Russians. Erzurum keeps architectural monuments of all ages. In the program — visit to stone madrasa with magnificent carved decor, the Old mosque, Sultan's mausoleum. Hotel accommodation. Dinner.   

Day 8 (Saturday) — Breakfast. Trip to Trabzon (~ 230 km). Excursion around Trabzon, the city was mentioned for the first time in 750 B.C., in the famous work of Xenophon. The capital of Roman province, the independent Greek kingdom, of Seljuk sultan... Trabzon has a very rich history and you will see it by yourself. Visit to the ancient Byzantine church of St. Sophia. Visit to the Sumela monastery of the 6th century. Dinner in the city. Flight to Istanbul. Transfer and hotel accommodation.    

Day 9 (Sunday) — Breakfast. Free time. Airport transfer. Flight. Or prolonging the stay in Istanbul.