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Blachernae Church is one of the most important Orthodox Christian churches. The icon of the Holy Virgin, that the residents of Constantinople used to circuit the fortified walls of the city during the sieges with, is kept here.

The Patriarchate was declared the Ecumenic Patriarchate in the beginning of the 17th century. The relics of saints are in the main cathedral, where feast church services are held.

The Mosaic Museum in the Chora Church is famous for its rare samples of mosaics. The thematic variety of images and rich details have no match among the Byzantine churches. Earlier the Chora Church was a part of a Byzantine monastery complex. The word 'chora' can be translated as 'country monastery'. Supposedly it was built in the 6th century, and was frequently reconstructed. However, it is famous not for its architecture, but mosaics and frescoes, which were created in 1316-1321 under the order of Theodore Metokhites, the grandee, who spent his last days in this monastery and was buried here.

Dolmabahce Palace is the magnificent palace complex with many luxurious chambers, surrounded with a beautiful garden. Interior items of the palace are a unique handmade collection. The palace was the residence of Ataturk, who spent his last minutes here.


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