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Rest in Istanbul
Visited Istanbul. Our group guide was Ilariya. Great woman and guide. Her interesting stories made us fall in love with Istanbul. We want to come back to this beautiful city again. Great city, great tour!
Rest in Turkey
Thank you for the great organization of a tour and that you didn't leave us at the airport before our night flight and accommodated us in a cozy hotel! The tour was wonderful. Thanks again!
Rest in Turkey
Me and my husband spent in Turkey 8 unforgettable days. Thanks so much to our guide, he made every hour of our rest very pleasant and informative. Thank you all for the great time!
Weekend in Istanbul
I spent one weekend in Istanbul. The greatest city, the most beautiful landscapes in the world, the funniest and famous guide Shefat and his best coffee. We will never forget that experience and we recommend our friends to visit this magnificent city.
Traces of Great Civilizations
While my staying in Turkey, I took part in the “Traces of Great civilizations” tour. What can I say? Great tour, wonderful guides, comfortable buses, perfect organization. Very rich program! We had a great vacation and learned many new things. Thank you for the excellent rest! We definitely will visit Turkey again, and of course will travel with your company!
New Year in Istanbul
I visited Istanbul on New Year's Eve, with a group of 6 people. The girl, our guide, was Russian speaking and held very interesting excursion. We visited 3 main sights in one day: Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace. One day we spent in Taksim district. Visit Istanbul and you won't regret it.
Traces of Great Civilizations
We travelled to Turkey to see the traces of Great Civilizations. My whole family was stunned by the tour, and especially from the guide, he is very smart and talented. He knows how to work and communicate with people and this knowledge helped to create a great friendly atmosphere in our excursion group.
Olya and Artyom
Traces of Great Civilizations
We took part in the “Traces of Great Civilizations” tour, Shefat was our guide during whole excursion. We are still excited from the wonderful tour, visited places, and from incredible country. Thank you so much, you opened Turkey for us. You're the true professionals with fantastic skills, great talent, and so softhearted. We recommend all our friends to visit Turkey.
Traces of Great Civilizations
I want to thank UPJET company's employees for the great organization of the “Traces of Great Civilizations” tour. Also a huge thanks to the guide Shefat and our bus driver for his excellent driving skills. The excursion bus was very comfortable. I wish you to get more and more thankful clients!
Isayev vadim, Svetlana Tipugina
Traces of Great Civilizations 2-9.01.2012
I extend to you and your company my personal gratitude for the excellent organization of the tour.
I would like to thank our guide. Sheffat. He did a great job. Excellent knowledge of history, art and culture, not only of Muslim culture but also of Christian and pre-Christian.
Thanks to our bus driver.
The only problem is early rises. I understand that because of the tight schedule of the tour it is difficult to avoid that fact, but at some days we were very tired and didn't get enough time to rest. A special and big thanks to Alexander Tornev.
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