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Traces of Great Civilizations 1.01.2012-8.01.2012
So amazed by the tour organization!!!
Our guide Shenol and a perfect driver Aikut, are such amazing people, they know how to do their job!!!
I loved everything what I saw!!! I can recommend this tour for everyone!!! Now I'm reviewing other tours around Turkey!!! I'm so overfilled with emotions!!!
Trip to Istanbul
Thank you so much, Ilarya and Timur, for such interesting and informative excursions. These two guides are the true professionals!
Anna and Alexander
По следам великих цивилизаций 02-09.01.2012
Спасибо за интересную поездку, прекрасную организацию тура, отдельная благодарность - нашему гиду Шефаату.
Некоторую часть фото можно посмотреть по ссылке
Olga, Serge
Week-end в Стамбуле.
6-9 января 2012 г. провели незабываемое время в Стамбуле - городе неподдельного гостеприимства, великолепнейших памятников истории и комфорта для туристов.
Огромное спасибо за четкость и слаженность в работе сотрудников UpJet.
Особенно хотим поблагодарить экскурсионного гида ТИМУРА - вежливый, воспитанный, тактичный и ОЧЕНЬ эрудированный человек с прекрасным знанием русского языка.
Traces of Great Civilizations
This tour is so great, we saw a lot of interesting places, got many good impressions, which will last for years. A special thanks to Shefat for responsible approach to his job.
Journey to Istanbul
С 12.11.11 по 14.11.11 мы в составе большой группы побывали в Стамбуле. Большое спасибо компании UpJet за отличную организацию нашего тура. Но, особая благодарность нашему гиду Шефату. Очень грамотный (фактически, он ходячая энциклопедия на хорошем русском языке), с великолепным чувством юмора, заботливый и отзывчивый человек. Мы улетали из Стамбула с сожалением и большой любовью к этому городу. И все благодаря Шефату!!! СПАСИБО вам!!!
Thank you for the wonderful Istanbul!
Were with friends in Istanbul in July. I would like to notice the perfect organization and wonderful excursions held by Ilaria. It was like a fairytale. Thank you!
Weekend in Istanbul
Many thanks to UPJET company and to Ilaria, the perfect and professional guide! Two days ( July 23-24, 2011) spent under her guidance on sightseeing objects were unforgettable!!!
Nick Balitsky
Introduction. When a tour agency promised me a variety of tropical beauties, and other interesting things, I didn't believe it. Price and number of sightseeings win the day and I decided to go. Kas, Kekova, Phaselis, Kusadasi, Pamukkale – Google will show you everything. I just want to share my personal impressions with you.

Swim over a 5 thousand years old bathhouse.
Kekova has many beauties but the truth is that the real beauty hides under your feet. Paddle the Turkish local canoe to the middle of the bay and see the WHOLE ANCIENT CITY under the water. It is the real city! And so close to the sea surface, I'd touched the bathhouse roof by myself. It was the most unexpected impression. Swim over the bathhouse :)

Dinner in Kekova and women divers :)
As for the rest Kekova is the classic Mediterranean town. So sincere and safe. Lots of yachts, residence buildings, a half of them are antique, laurel copse in mountains...I spent my evening in a small cafe near the seashore, listened to divers conversations and admired women divers. But food distracted me. Taking into account women's beauty and youth, it was a sign of cooking quality))
As it is usual in Turkey, a table was served with snacks first. Various vegetables, seafood, marinades. Then was served a grilled lamb with rice in a closed pot. A cover was beat off during the serving. Stomach is full after snacks but you just literally swallow a lamb) A super-tea from the thermal spring which spouts near ( it is really spouting, wasn't lazy to take a look) was served in the end. After dinner I was able only to get to my bed and fall asleep. Although, people say that nights here are very fun.

Feel like Dicaprio from a glossy tourist postcard.
The number one among sea beauties – Oludeniz. It is exactly the same tropical paradise about which they write in advertisement. The picture – the same as in “The beach” movie with Leonardo Dicaprio. That Thai beach was swept away by tsunami, but there is no tsunami in Turkey. You can see palagliders in the sky above the sea paradise. I'm afraid of heights so I've only dived a lot. All these beauties are near Marmaris town. I mentioned this town because I want to say some nice words about the Balym hotel. It's 3-star hotel, but very nice. It has two swimming pools and the whole hotel territory is so clean. Some people say that this hotel is so clean because its owners live here. By the way, my bed was covered with flowers petals:)

Follow turtles traces on the Patara beach.
It looks like ocean. But it is the sea. The Mediterranean sea, warm and salty. The beach is huge here. Some say that it has 20 km at length. I've passed about 2 km then I laid down on sand and just had my rest. I saw little traces. I thought that my imagination is playing with me. But my guide told me that turtles live here. And they have nests. In theory, it means that sand here is the most cleanest in Europe. In practice – you can see the sea turtles here.

Become a turtles tamer in Dalyan.
Turtles again (I saw them this time, even fed them!), but of different kind. These turtles eat from tourists hands, the Dalyan turtles have became so homey)) You can take a turtle tamer pose as on a famous local postcard.

Millennial acoustics.
In Turkish Kaunos (so funny, the same name as of Kaunas city in the Baltic states) there is a special amphitheater. All our group stood on the edges...the amphitheater has seats about for 20 thousand of people. We didn't check that, I think, there is no such a big tour group))...and there, standing on the edges we whispered for each other about for one hour, not less. Even our driver, Onder, took a part. It was like magic. And this trick with acoustics is a real miracle.
Arutunyan (hohlova) Ekaterina
Turkey tours
We've just read about new tours around Turkey and decided to start save up the money! We were in Turkey in 2009 together with your company, then we visited the “Traces of civilization” tour. There were two buses, one big and one small. The organization of tours was great! Wonderful guides! We hope we won't be late and will participate in the other remarkable tours with you!
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