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Zoteyeva Marina
Time in Istanbul
Good afternoon Natasha! It is Sakvoyaj from Krasnodar disturbing. Thank you very much from our clients, from me in person, and from director of Sakvoyaj. Thank you for right chose of the hotel and for competent approach to the excursion package. Thanks once more!!!!!
“The treasures of Eastern Anatolia” tour
I confess that before my trip I belonged to those three million people, who still confuse Anatolia with Antalya :))) But now I know the difference. Anatolia is a wonderful lost world! And what surprises even more is that this world is right in front of us. “Upjet” helped me to “open my eyes” and see it. I saw Eastern Anatolia for the first time in my life and fell in love with it at once! Cappadocia is the place, where I will come to spend my life after I retire (and meanwhile, I will visit it with your tours :) Underground cities, fairy valleys, those views in the dawn... I felt like a Moon resident... How much verdure is there in the valleys, how tasty are the grapes here! And, of course, the northern Turkey. Only in Urzurum I understood, why was Pushkin so much attracted by this place. This place arouses artists even in such simple programmers as I am. The Urartu kingdom, Cappadocia, Van. Due to “Upjet” these are not strange codes for me, but tremendous places, which I got to know and grew fond of. Thank you for this, thanks to our guide, Nailya – she knows so much about Anatolia! Thanks to Beyhan, who was driving us perfectly all through this giant journey. I guess that without their help and delicate guidance I would have missed not less than a third of all beauty and wonderful things that I used to see. So, my grade for “Upjet” is “perfect”!
«Turkey's seaside» Tour
I felt myself like I was an inhabitant of the exotic paradise. No, it isn't Bounty. It is more cool! «Turkey's seaside» tour from UPJET is fantastic, I really didn't expect that from Turkey and from tour operator of that country! Firstly, absolutely wild, fantastic, and incredible nature! Turtles on the beach!!! Exotic birds on the beach too!!! Canyons!!! Amazing thermal springs, and mud springs too. And then the ancient Genoese fortress right among the wild forest, and a tomb at the mountains top, where you sail down the river from!!! Sunken cities (you can see them from the sea surface!!!). Fantastic! The sea recreation was like «the beach» and «lay down» for me earlier. I'm afraid that now I have very increased requests:)) And it all thanks to UPJET. My congratulations, trip was very outstanding. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of a girl who offered me this tour, so I am sending many Thanks to all operators and employees. Thank you!
Tatyana and Vladimir
“The treasures of Eastern Anatolia” tour
We would like to thank “Upjet” for a great tour, which we used to have last autumn. “The treasure of Eastern Anatolia” turned our concept of Turkey upside-down! Ancient fortresses in the north, made of clay and stones, the uninhabited landscapes of Cappadocia, the snow-covered tops of Ararat. Our family photograph album was replenished with several dozens of masterpieces that we have made during the tour. We will not speak too much about what is Anatolya and how it amazed us. Everyone can experience it – first, find out some information in Internet, then - go on the tour. The main thing we want to say is that we are very grateful to those members of “Upjet” who assisted us during this wonderful trip. We want to thank first our manager Ella – she advised us this tour and helped with the organization. Then we want to thank the guide Asker – he used to be a real “nanny” for all our friendly group during that week (greetings to the tour “The treasure of Eastern Anatolia”, autumn, 2010!). And, at last, we want to thank our driver Tadgettin, whose driving skill is really marvellous! With the help of your harmonious work our stay in Turkey has left only the best impressions.
“Week-end in Istanbul”
I don't know what do the others say, but in Istanbul I liked the city itself! It's so lively and real! And there are so many monuments, mosques, temples and such things there. If you like history, it's the best place for you! I also love it but for some other reasons. This city allows you to sit in it as in your favourite cafe. No matter where. The main thing is to sit with the view on its streets or the Bosphorus. During my “week-end in Istanbul” I got to know the real Istanbul – lively, warm one, but not a set of ancient and new markets and churches that should be visited in order to gain some experience or goods. I saw the live Istanbul. And I am very grateful to “Upjet” for this, I also want to thank the guide Viktorya – she helped me not to get lost in the airport! :)
Serge Ischenko
Formula 1
Thank you so much for organization of «Formula 1» trip to Istanbul this year. Professionally done! I recommend UPJET to all my friends as very reliable partner on the tourism service market of Turkey. I saw not only Formula 1 but a real Istanbul too. Formula 1 rocks!!! The places were the best!!! Istanbul is the best! Your a the best!
«Weekend in Istanbul»
I haven't enough time for vacation so I decided to go somewhere on weekend. I choose Istanbul when I found many beautiful photos of the city on one blog. And I thought ok, let's try. And I never regret it! Istanbul is so different from the city that you imagine in your head till your first trip there. The mix of exotics and Europe, the eastern carelessness, coziness and safety, beauty and urbanism...Thanks so much to UPJET that I learned so much with your help. Thank you for weekend, it was full of excursions! Even feel little dizzy...I stood in the Hagia Sophia under the giant dome, strolled through Yerebatan, had a cup of coffee on the Pier Lotti hill. You can become a poet here! Thanks to the guide Nayle who knows so much about Istanbul and its history, thank you once again, thank you Eldar, who found me at the airport:)...met me and took to the hotel and took me back to the airport later. Thank you! Thanks to the Tria hotel where I spent amazing evenings on the roof terrace admiring the Bosphorus. See you later!
«Traces of great civilizations» Tour
It is one thing to teach history and quite another to see all about what you were telling your students for decades. Only now I truly understand the greatness of the ancient Hettite and I feel all the majesty and power of the Anatolian Civilizations. Your tour is a real time machine! Thanks to the driver Samet and to the guide Shefrat. And of course Thanks to manager Lucia, who convinced me to choose exactly this tour instead of going to the sea and thanks to her I opened Turkey for myself.
Gennady and Tatiana
«Traces of great civilizations» Tour
Lots of impressions, photos, and memories! We opened a new Turkey for ourselves! We spent two weeks on trip and saw so many that we even had to buy three new flash-drivers for our camera. Great that you can buy what you need in Turkey anywhere and at anytime. I would like to mention some places from the all where we have been. Konya city with its dancing dervishes, Hattusas - the ancient Hettite city lost among the mountains. It was incredibly amazing!!! Besides the sightseeings we liked a lot more. Comfortable, easy trip with short movements, the road just flew by and of course very friendly guide. Elarya, thank you so much! The guide accompanied us during the sightseeings excursions and in transport and the guide was near all the time, every issue we had was solved immediately! We tried incredibly tasty Turkish meals which we have never eat before at cozy and homey restaurants and I think those restaurants were not for tourists (Elarya thank you once again). Amazing recreation....Great!
«Traces of great civilizations» Tour
It is very hard to hide my emotions after such successful trip but I've tried) So I am going to tell my opinion about your tour only now. What I liked the most is trip logistics. I think it wasn't easy to make two weeks tour and follow it according to the plan. Trip was made to see the maximum and move a minimum. Honestly, my waist even hasn't time to get numb, although it is hard for me to get over the road. So Thanks to the driver Musa. Thanks to him for his patience in time when our nice guide Reichan was returning the tour participants which have fled over the souvenirs stores and cafes. By the way, thanks to that trip I have ten true friends now. I think we will see each other later not for once. I hope it will happen in Turkey, so guys cheer up! UPJET, we are going to see you))
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