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Oleg Titov
Three days in Istanbul
We've been in Istanbul for three days, on 11.03.2011 we took part in individual excursion organized by Natalya Aktas. I want to thank Natalya personally for the organization and in spite of my different requirements for payments and time, everything was done as we wanted! Everything! Many thanks to the guide Rachin! He told us about everything that we couldn't visit due to a lack of time: how to find, where to go, where to eat! We are very satisfied! It is great that there is such a company with such wonderful employees. Good luck! Oleg Titov
George and Mary
«Traces of great civilizations» Tour
We write on behalf of all group, which last autumn travelled to Turkey to find great civilizations. And we found them! Wonderful guide Shenal helped us with it. Thank you Shenal, you rock! Thanks to you we learned about Turkey and its history so much, we saw so many interesting places, made hundreds of photos! You are great guide! I will be brief about tour organization. It's successful. It was planned in such a way to feel less tired and to see and visit more.
Mary and Ann
«Week-end in Istanbul + rest in Antalya»
We would like to thank “Upjet” company for the organization of our trip to Istanbul and Antalya! It was great to have two vacations in one. We want to thank the guide, Asker who met us, Shefat, who showed us the real Istanbul, and Adem, who demonstrated us what means professional driving :) Everything was super, great excursions... But of course, nothing compares to sailing down the Bosphorus or taking pictures from the Galata tower! There were lots of excursions – the company style of “Upjet” (we're your permanent clients already). But we didn't manage to get tired of all these because with your help we quickly moved to Antalya, where we have poshed properly! Sea, sun, nature, and discos all night through! “Upjet” rocks! Summer and vacation forever!
Elena Tchurkina
I want to thank UPJET manager Natalya Aktas for professionalism at work and for friendly communication with clients. Thanks to her we have chosen exactly what suited our group of 5 members. We chose “Luxury of the Sultans” and “Heritage of the Golden Horn” excursions. Natalya paid attention to our personal needs and helped us to make an optimal choice. “Luxury of the Sultans” is truly luxurious excursion! :) In general, all UPJET excursions were very interesting and professionally organized. Due to a lack of time it had a huge importance. Thanks UPJET and thank you Natalya Aktas!
Weekend in Istanbul
I've been to Istanbul on week-end. In spite of the fact that it's hard to believe in the possibility of sightseeing during two days, the reality overcame my expectations. An important note – this was the reality of “Upjet” . The acquaintance with Istanbul began with Hippodrome, went on in Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, Topkapi palace, Galata tower, and in the near Dolmabahce palace... It astonishes you not only when you see it for the first time, but for the second, third, and so on.. anyway Istanbul is worth coming. I haven't seen a more beautiful and cozy city yet. Fortunately we we driving from the airport with the guide Vika and the driver Mustafa (thanks #1) and the excursions were held with the driver Samet and the guide Elarya (thanks #2), on my way back, Selim was driving me to the airport (Thanks #3). I want to thank all of them very much. Guys, you are real professionals!
«Weekend in Istanbul»
I was in Istanbul on weekend. My native city Pskov is the city of churches but it seems that we have lost for Istanbul)) Very beautiful, very nobly and...very sad. So sad. Because it was not enough) I think to come to Istanbul again and spend more time there. But even in those two days which I spent in Istanbul, I have seen a lot and for that I would like to say Thank you to the UPJET guide Shenol who organized for me the individual excursions (and Thanks to manager Lucia, who told me about such option as «Weekend in Istanbul»). It was cool, Thank you Shenol and Hi, see you later!
«Treasures of Eastern Anatolia» tour
Our group of 15 people took part in «Treasures of eastern Anatolia» tour. We know each other for a long time and we work at the same company. During a trip it seemed that our guide Shenol also flew with us from Petersburg:) He became a part of our group, he is so communicative, pleasant, and smart person. There was not such question that he couldn't answer! Anatolia is an outlandish country, a wonderland. See this was a real happiness!
Valentina Spyhova
«Treasures of Eastern Anatolia» Tour
At the request and on behalf of the participants of «Treasures of Eastern Anatolia» tour, where took part 15 members of our company, I want to thank UPJET for the great organization, personal approach and high quality work. All requested services correspond to reality: starting with transfer and ending with a trip itself, everything was on the highest level. On behalf of «PodmTransArt» company we would like to personally thank the guide Elarya and the driver Beychan, and manager Ella as well. Thank you guys so much! Best regards.
«Weekend in Istanbul and rest in Antalya» Tour
I came back from Antalya just few days ago but I am still there! Whatever you say but the sea rest in Turkey is the best! Yes we get used to it, yes we used to «all inclusive», clean and blue sea, and to the sand which can be comparable with gold. And all that for the little money. I like it VERY much! I have combined pleasant and useful rest this year because I flew through Istanbul and spent there three incredible days and then from Istanbul I got to Antalya. All in one package, so comfortable. The most important was that the transportation problem was solved. When I landed in Istanbul I forgot about taxis and buses. I moved around only by UPJET cars)) Excursions, hotel, airport, hotel in Antalya, then backward...Everything was right! Thank you very much for the original mix of never before combined leisure activities) And personal Thanks to Sanye who explained everything to me and organized my trip.
Nataly and Stam
Тур «По следам великих цивилизаций»
Великие цивилизации, великий тур:-) Большое спасибо вам за организацию и проведение поездки, мы, честно говоря, такого уровня не ожидали. Все было на высоте, и сервис и ваши работники, ну и, конечно, сама Турция! После тура я лично уверена, что мы не знаем об этой самой Турции ни-че-го. Вернее, не знали. Потому что мы теперь большие специалисты по истории античности и культуры тех десятков стран, что мы увидали в Турции. При этом, если бы не гид, который нас опекал буквально по-отечески, то мы бы и половины не поняли. Так что передайте огромное спасибо гиду Рейхану, благодаря знаниям которого и замечательному водителю Самету, благодаря умению которого, мы дорогу практически и не заметили. Самет, за вождение на турецких дорогах — особый респект!:-)
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