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Thanks a lot for the great excursions with the great guide Ilarya!!!
It was very interesting, cognitive, and fascinating!
In spite of our arrival by the end of the Ramadan fast, we met our transport in time and the attendant guide was accurate and polite, unfortunately I forgot his name(.
Thank you for the great impressions!
We've been to Istanbul from 18.08 to 20.08
Best regards, Anna and Lyudmila, Kharkov
Turkish riviera
We came back from Antalya on September, 2. It was the "Turkish riviera" tour that we've had. Thanks a lot to you, as we didn't even know that Turkey has so many historical places and all of them are in such a good condition. Thanks for the tour organization, especially for the guide Timur.
Traces of Great civilizations
Thanks to Sefaat and Samet for the great journey!
Thanks a lot to your company for the great tour "Traces of great Civilizations"!!! During the 7 days, spent in the tour I had lots of positive emotions! Everything was the best: transfers (always in time), hotels (very good and not so good) but against the background of the emotional boost, caused by your culture, it did not matter, the meals (always on top), and the program of the tour just amazes and fascinates!!! You made me discover the country from a quite new point of view! I was especially surprised with your loving attitude towards the motherland and your diligence! Special thanks to the guide Sefaat!!! Such an educated, erudite guide, loving his work is a rare phenomenon!!! All the information was rendered simply and clearly, there was often extra information, presented, and due to that we had some bright memories about every point of the route! His care for the tourists is impressive!!! Thanks a lot to the driver Samet, his driving abilities were just striking!!! The ability of driving along your narrow streets is a great skill! The quality of the bus was a pleasant surprise, all the passages were easy and imperceptible! Thanks a lot to your company for the professional work!!! I will surely take advantage of your services for myself and for my company. Best regards, Alla from Dnepropetrovsk.
Illarya - the Russian pearl of Istanbul
Illarya used to be our guide in Istanbul on August, 18-19. In short: competence, fascination, and even selflessness. It's difficult to describe the impressions from her work otherwise. Thanks to UPJET for the organization of the tour, thanks to the guide.
Elyna Kerimova
I liked my rest in Istanbul a lot... Very kindhearted people, great city. That journey was like a fairy tale. The great guide Illarya made it a fairy tale for us. Thanks a lot to UPJET!!!
Bahtyar Botakoz
Honeymoon in Beldibi
Hi, everyone!!! We used to rest in Kemer, Beldibi this July. We stayed in Crystal Flora Resort Hotel. Guide, named Kazim met us in the airport, he took us to the hotel, helped us with accommodation and explained the basic things we needed to know. The hotel corresponded to its 5-star category!!! And UPJET left us content!! The guide offered various excursions, entertainment programs! All the excursions were very joyful, and Kazim helped us when we had problems with health. We are very grateful to Kazim for his services and to UPJET tour operator!!!
Great guide
We came back from Istanbul, where we used to rest with UPJET company on Sunday, 06.08.12. I would like to find some causes to seize upon, but I can not do it) Everything is accurate by schedule, polite and informed guides, full range of services, everything for clients. We ordered a private excursion around the main sights, a Russia-speaking guide Illarya came to us. I would like to mention her work with great pleasure. She did not just tell us what did we see, but she found the most convenient routes, avoided lines and traffic-jams, she is a perfect guide!! She did not give dull facts and numbers, but rendered the information in an interesting way, making the excursions, which lasted for several hours, fascinating and minimally tiresome. I recommend her personally and the company as a whole)
I sincerely recommend UPJET to everyone who plans to visit Turkey. I could not even imagine that the organization and group accompaniment can be on such a good level. Our guide Timur did not spare his time and came in advance the time agreed, planning every minute of the route, visiting excursion places, taking care of the meals and rest of the group. Thanks a lot to our guide Illarya - this person is a professional. It was the first time that I listened to a guide and HEARD him, remembering every word that she said - believe me, it happens very seldom. This person is not just saying the learned phrases, numbers, and dates. She managed to render us the information in such an interesting way that we are discussing it even now, in a month after the trip. We have seen a real Turkey due to these people. Thank YOU!
Thank you
From July, 1 to 4 we've been at an international conference in Istanbul. We needed to manage a lot in such a short period of time in this wonderful city: to be present at the work part of the journey, to go sightseeing... Thanks a lot to our guide Timur for the great organization of the event, where we managed to combine the pleasant with the useful; for the patience, politeness, tact, great knowledge of the matter. Special sincere thanks to the guide Ilarya for a very interesting excursion, very short, unfortunately...From this point on, we're going to Turkey only with UPJET, Timur and Ilarya... THANK YOU!!! Best regards from Kharkov
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