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We got back from the tour two days ago and I want to express my delight and gratitude to Upjet, in particular - to great guide Tuba! Excellent knowledge of Russian, history, and ability to convey it and answer all the questions. Long passages between the regions were not tiresome due to the professionalism of Tuba and our driver, who worked in a single team and exerted every effort for our comfort. The rest was wonderful! We managed to see and to know much more than it was listed in the program. I will be back for sure and, certainly, only with UPJET! Thank you very much for the kind attitude, I wish you health and prosperity. June, 28. Best regards, Julia.
Istanbul in May
I've been to Istanbul in the middle of May, 2012. I believe it was a great luck that we had Ilarya as the guide. Thanks a lot for the harmonious trip around the historical center of the city! :) As if I've been to a fairytale, just great! It was very interesting to spend there three days. I haven't noticed how they passed... I got some new information and impressions, a great revival :) I'm even glad that it's hard to remember everything, so I have the chance to come again and be surprised :) I recommend it :) Thanks a lot, Ilarya :)
Вячеслав, г.Харьков
Traces of great civilizations
I should have written long ago, but I really had not time...

At the beginning of March, 2012 we've been to Turkey in the "Traces of great civilizations" tour.
The first thing I want to say is that we did not swim (almost) and did not tan (at all). As it's about different things - about the great civilizations that are in abundance on the territory of modern Turkey. I will name just several of them, the traces of which we managed to see: the Ottomans, the Seljuks, the Hittites, the Phrygians, the Lydians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Trojans, the Persians, and so on. The route is the following (8 days):
- Istanbul (the Blue mosque, "cistern" - the underground cistern of the Roman period, sultan's palace Topkapi with unique treasury and relic storage, the Bosphorus),
- Ankara with its richest museum of ancient Anatolian civilizations (displays of the 7th century BC and "younger" and a very interesting mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (I wish we had such leader some day...),
- Cappadocia - it's indescribable, there is nothing similar in the whole world,
- Konya with the mausoleum of the great Rumi (in particular, he founded the dervish order in XII century),
- Pamukkale with Hierapolis - you've lost a lot if you haven't seen it
- Ephesus (the ruins of Artemis temple, the house of virgin Mary and the grave of John the apostle, the greatly preserved ancient city with a library, a lyceum, a theater, and so on),
- Pergamon (parchment and some other things come from here),
- Troy - no need to explain,
- and Istanbul again.
Moreover, we were shown how ceramics is made (and sold, of course,) as well as the incredibly beautiful leather articles, marble, onyx, textile, wine, jewelery...
About comfort: all the hotels are quite good, some of them (in Cappadocia) are just great. meals - morning and evening, smorgasbord or waiters - it was enough for us (in the evenings - extra payment for drinks, but it's ok...).
The accompaniment was ideal: greatly Russian-speaking guide Sefaat and Sonjay - the driver were very friendly, patient, and attentive, and the excursion program was performed 110% (I'm not a historian, but I know something about these civilazations, and I never observed Sefaat telling wrong or mutilated facts).
The group was mixed - half Russia and half Ukraine. We lived very friendly and had nice nice conversations.
And the sea! :) Of course, we spent some nights on the coast of the Aegian (Kusadasi, Sarmsakli) and the Marmara Seas, so, if you go there now, you will have a nice sandy beach besides the civilizations.
In general - it was really great. One more time, thanks to the receiving party, and this was a piece of information for you, dear readers, to think about...
Kondrashova Rita, Vladivostok city
I've used the service of your company twice
I've used the service of your company twice, and I was very pleased with it! I'm planning the next visit of Istanbul on autumn, and I will be very glad to work with you again!
Ann and Mike
Now we're back from Turkey)))
Hello! Now we're back from Turkey))) Thank you very much it was just great, we've had a great and unforgettable rest, Up Jet is super - we've never had such servicing for all the times of traveling. The guides, boys, well done! Special thanks to them
Анна и Елена
May holidays in Istanbul
I've been dreaming of visiting Istanbul, walking along the streets of the old city, feeling the atmosphere of "the city of contrasts"! It's a great and very picturesque city! I would like to mark our guide Erhan! Thank you very much for your high professionalism in combination with humour! For your talent of finding individual approach to every client in spite of the fact that the group was rather big! We will surely be back to this beautiful city! And of course, with Upjet ))
Майские праздники 2012 г.в Стамбуле
Отдыхали в Стамбуле с 6 по 11 мая 2012г. Потрясающий город! Много нового и интересного узнали за эти дни! Отличная гостиница в старом городе "Мина". Особенно хочеться поблагодарить нашего экскурсовода Иларию. Столько нового и интересного удалось узнать от нее, большое спасибо за отличную работу профессионала. Однако, встречаются и другие не профессиональные и не добросовестные гиды, как Эйрхан, который проводил экскурсию 8 мая по новым районам Стамбула. Полное безобразие и безответственности. Он очень обрадовался, когда мы сообщили, что будем гулять по городу самостоятельно, а ведь экчкурсия на весь день была оплачена (90$)/
Nataly and Veronica
"Traces of great civilizations"
From April, 1, 2012 we've been to the "Traces of great civilizations" tour.

We have only positive impressions and lots of emotions. The program was organized on a professional level. We would like to thank our driver Mustafa, who provided our safety on the road and maintained the good condition of our bus.

What comes to the tour, we managed to see everything that was listed in the program. It seems that even more. And due to the interesting tales of our guide Senol, the history was just coming alive in front of our eyes. Turkey acquired new colours for us. This is why we would like to mark the high professionalism of Senol, his endless patience, ability of organizing a group and creating good mood.
What else to say? After that tour we want to go back to Turkey again. And not once.
We wish you inspiration and new good groups.
Nataly and Veronica

Oleg Slavny
By the traces of great civilizations
From April, 16 to 23 we discovered lots of new impressions and unexpected things about Turkey during the tour. Thanks a lot to guide Shifat and to his driver for the good organization of the tour and for a perfect and interesting presentation of various and complicated information. A good and interesting tour. I wish further success to the company!!!
Oleg and Olga
March Holidays in Istanbul
We were in Istanbul on 7-11th of March. Istanbul made a very good impression. A wonderful mix of oriental colour and good service of the European level."The Two Continents" tour is very interesting and is not tiresome at all, despite the fact that almost all day you spend on your feet.
Special thanks to Selim, who organized an outstanding shop-tour+ told a lot about Istanbul, Turkey. He also gave us a lot of sound advices, that allowed to feel homey in Istanbul.
We are sure to come back!
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