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Kondrashova Rita, Vladivostok city
I've used the service of your company twice
I've used the service of your company twice, and I was very pleased with it! I'm planning the next visit of Istanbul on autumn, and I will be very glad to work with you again!
Ann and Mike
Now we're back from Turkey)))
Hello! Now we're back from Turkey))) Thank you very much it was just great, we've had a great and unforgettable rest, Up Jet is super - we've never had such servicing for all the times of traveling. The guides, boys, well done! Special thanks to them
Анна и Елена
May holidays in Istanbul
I've been dreaming of visiting Istanbul, walking along the streets of the old city, feeling the atmosphere of "the city of contrasts"! It's a great and very picturesque city! I would like to mark our guide Erhan! Thank you very much for your high professionalism in combination with humour! For your talent of finding individual approach to every client in spite of the fact that the group was rather big! We will surely be back to this beautiful city! And of course, with Upjet ))
Майские праздники 2012 г.в Стамбуле
Отдыхали в Стамбуле с 6 по 11 мая 2012г. Потрясающий город! Много нового и интересного узнали за эти дни! Отличная гостиница в старом городе "Мина". Особенно хочеться поблагодарить нашего экскурсовода Иларию. Столько нового и интересного удалось узнать от нее, большое спасибо за отличную работу профессионала. Однако, встречаются и другие не профессиональные и не добросовестные гиды, как Эйрхан, который проводил экскурсию 8 мая по новым районам Стамбула. Полное безобразие и безответственности. Он очень обрадовался, когда мы сообщили, что будем гулять по городу самостоятельно, а ведь экчкурсия на весь день была оплачена (90$)/
Nataly and Veronica
"Traces of great civilizations"
From April, 1, 2012 we've been to the "Traces of great civilizations" tour.

We have only positive impressions and lots of emotions. The program was organized on a professional level. We would like to thank our driver Mustafa, who provided our safety on the road and maintained the good condition of our bus.

What comes to the tour, we managed to see everything that was listed in the program. It seems that even more. And due to the interesting tales of our guide Senol, the history was just coming alive in front of our eyes. Turkey acquired new colours for us. This is why we would like to mark the high professionalism of Senol, his endless patience, ability of organizing a group and creating good mood.
What else to say? After that tour we want to go back to Turkey again. And not once.
We wish you inspiration and new good groups.
Nataly and Veronica

Oleg Slavny
By the traces of great civilizations
From April, 16 to 23 we discovered lots of new impressions and unexpected things about Turkey during the tour. Thanks a lot to guide Shifat and to his driver for the good organization of the tour and for a perfect and interesting presentation of various and complicated information. A good and interesting tour. I wish further success to the company!!!
Oleg and Olga
March Holidays in Istanbul
We were in Istanbul on 7-11th of March. Istanbul made a very good impression. A wonderful mix of oriental colour and good service of the European level."The Two Continents" tour is very interesting and is not tiresome at all, despite the fact that almost all day you spend on your feet.
Special thanks to Selim, who organized an outstanding shop-tour+ told a lot about Istanbul, Turkey. He also gave us a lot of sound advices, that allowed to feel homey in Istanbul.
We are sure to come back!
In the footsteps of great civilizations
Upjet works flawlessly. "In the footsteps of great civilizations" - is an outstanding travel tour. We are pleased to recall driver Beihai, guide Senol and our group from Moscow, St, Petersburg,Riga, Berlin, Kharkov, Krasnoyarsk, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities.
November 2011.
Regards to everyone. The best group in the world!
Julia and Serge
Two continents
Dear Erhan, thank you so much for your job, the highest qualification level, and for your patient.
Thanks for the most interesting individual excursions around the city, for “Two continents” and unforgettable “Christian shrines of Istanbul” excursions. Everything left the most outstanding memories and I still got a feeling how much I still want to learn about this great city. It was our first time when we saw the real Muslim culture.
We are very thankful!
Best regards!
Weekend in Istanbul
Thank you so much for the great tour, “Weekend in Istanbul”. Everything was well organized, no time late, UPJET guides were always in time and very polite with their tourists. The most interesting excursions around Istanbul are organized on weekends. The guides give all necessary information to visit historical places and museums by ourselves. I really liked Istanbul. If you want to know the real Turkey, then you have to visit this amazing city. Visit numerous museums, palaces, mosques, stroll through the little paved streets, filled with the smells of kebab and chestnuts, have a cup of tea at a cafe. And then you want to come back to Istanbul again and again...
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