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Around the Golden Horn Tour, Istanbul

1. The outdoor museum of models "Miniaturk" - All Istanbul... in a single park! The park, where there are gathered the miniature models of all temples, sights, monuments, and palaces of Istanbul and Turkey.

2. Industrial development museum Rahmi Koc — A museum on the coast of the Golden Horn gulf: there is a collection of antique cars there — one of the largest in Europe, the ancient saw-mills, and a submarine, which you can also enter, here. And there is also a car that the famous Fantomas was driving!

3. Observation point Pierre Loti — adventurer and military man, merchant and writer, subjugated by Istanbul forever, Pierre Loti has been drinking coffee in his house on the hill and admiring the Bosphorus during the last years of his life. Even now it is open for everyone. Sit at the place of Loti and take a look at the Bosphorus.