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Around the Golden Horn Tour, Istanbul

1. Galata tower — One of the few places of Istanbul that is well-seen from all points of the city — Galata tower. 61 meter of history on the coast of the gulf the Golden Horn — Galata Tower. Istanbul from the height of a bird's eye view — Gala tower.

2. The outdoor museum of models "Miniaturk" - All Istanbul in a single park! The park where there are gathered the miniature models of all the temples , sights, monuments, and palaces of Istanbul and Turkey.

3. Observation point Pierre Loti — adventurer and military man, merchant and writer, subjugated by istanbul for ever, Pierre Loti has been drinking coffee in his house on the hill and admiring the Bosphorus during the last years of his life. Even now it is open for everyone. Sit at the place of Loti and take a look at the Bosphorus.

4. Eyup mosque — He has been carrying the flag of the prophet and ascended with him the walls of Constantinople — it seemed that the city fell. But Allah judjed differently. The stadndard bearer of Mahomed, Eyup, died, and the city held out. In nine centuries the muslims were back here and they built the mosque of Eyup. The sacred place and the mosque and the cemetery of the Ottoman grand people — the spirit of Eyup is still watching Istanbul from the mosque.

5. Vlacherna church — the mantle and the belt of the Blessed Virgin are the relics that are still with us. The temple, where these are situated is the Vlacherna church, open for everyone,

6. The Universal Patriarchy — a part of the column, at which Christ was whipped, is a great relic. It is still kept in the Patriarchy of Constantinople (the Universal one). And besides it — hundreds of miraculous relics and skeletons. The patriarchy of the whole world is in Istanbul.