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Fortress City Tour, Istanbul

1. Egyptian Bazaar — Spicery and medicinal herbs of the Orient . The abundance that makes your head spin . Not the largest one, but the most variegated and merry market of Istanbul — Egyptian bazaar. As well as three hundred years ago, the herbs and spicery are brought here from Egypt.

2. The walk along the Bosphorus — only during this walk and standing on the deck of a ship, swimming along the most beautiful strait of Eurasia, you will see the houses of millionairs and houses-islands, palaces and castles of sultans. In Turkey they say: «If you feel sad, go towards the Bosphorus» . Dispel your saddness for years in advance – go to Istanbul.

3. Rumeli fortress — The fortress, built in the course of four months, embellishes the banks of the Bosphorus for six centuries already. Rumeli is the masterpiece of the fortress architecture.