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The Mysteries of Fortress Walls Tour, Istanbul

1. The museum of tortures in Yedikule fortress — the dark and mysterious fortress on the coast of the Bosphorus with prison towers, still evokes trembling in everyone, who enters it. The prisoners of sultans were dying in the omnious wells, having never again seen the light. And the traces of blood are still seen on the tools of tortures, standing at the walls

2. Balikli church. The water, welling out from under the ground on the territory of the temple, cures hundreds of people from all over the world. The church has been saving people for 16 centuries already. It is a dream of every Christian to drink the miraculous water of the temple.

3. The fortress walls of the city — They have seen the brilliance and the fall of Rome, the golden age of Byzantium and the spears of Ottoman army at the coasts of the Bosphorus, the ships of the Russian empire and the trading ships of the Genoese. It all had left and the fortress walls of the Constantinople remained. We will also leave, but we will not leave without seeing the eighth wonder of the world — the walls of Constantinople.