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Christian Sanctuaries Tour of Istanbul

1. Hagia Sophia — The main sanctuary of the Orthodox christians – the church, built a thousand years before the San Pietro temple in Rome. The font, in which the first christian woman in Europe — princess Olga, adopted Christianity, Byzantine mosaics, and the dents in the floor of the temple, made by the feet of the emperors' guard – you will see it in the fourth in size church of the world - Hagia Sophia.
Underground cistern Yerebatan — a temple with 300 columns, built under the ground, was fiiled with water during the Turks' rule. Now there are giant carps swimming between the heads of the Medusa, cut from marble during the reign of Roman emperors, in the Yerebatan cistern.

2. Mosaic museum in Chora church — The real beauty is always inconspicuous . Chora church is one of the most beautiful in Istanbul, but inside it is simple and modest. Inside the temple there are the most beautiful mosaics of Byzantium. Here the prayers to the young God were offered up by the first Christians of Constantinople.

3. Hagia Irene — If Hagia Sophia is the king, then, Hagia Irene is the main councilor of the king. The church, from which the orders to all the corners of the Christian world were charged, now is available to any believer.

4. The church of St. Mary of the Mongols — The daughter of a Byzantine emperor was given in marriage to a cruel Mongol khan. Having cushioned the heart of the pagan with her kind Christian temper, Maria lived longer than her husband and after his mean murder she gets back to Constantinople. Here she takes the veil and spends the rest of her life in this temple.

5. Balikli church. The water, welling out from under the ground on the territory of the temple, cures hundreds of people from all over the world. The church has been saving people for 16 centuries already. It is a dream of every Christian to drink the miraculous water of the temple.

6.The Universal Patriarchy — a part of the column, at which Christ was whipped, is a great relic. It is still kept in the Patriarchy of Constantinople (the Universal one). And besides it — hundreds of miraculous relics and skeletons. The patriarchy of the whole world is in Istanbul.

7. Church of the Pantocrator the temple of Jesus Almighty — the contemporary of the golden age of the Byzantine empire. Transfomed into a mosque by the Ottomans, it nevertheless, maintained the greatness and the simplicity of a church in Greek style. This is the only mosque, where the crosses are left on the walls.

8. The inspection of Constantine Lips monastery- One of the most prayed places of the world. Constantine Lips temple that had been serving as an asylum for verily believing Christians since the year 907. These walls have been hearing the prayers of the nuns for more than 11 centuries. Touch the stones of this temple.