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The Contrasts of Istanbul Tour

1. Topkapi district — The luxurious gardens and... the flea market that is much better than the flea market of Paris. All contrasts of Istanbul are in Topkapi district.

2. Edirnekapi district — The reverse side of Istanbul: the hutments, in which even the clochards of Paris would be afraid to walk. Don't be afraid! You are in safety. You will see Edirnekapi from a safe bus with a secure guard and guides.

3. Kasimpasa district — these are not the illusory danses of half-naked dansers. Kasimpasa is the dwelling-place of Istanbul gipsies, African emigrants, transvestites and the dregs of society. You can see the bottom of istanbul, without touching it with the tour «The contrasts of Istanbul».

4. Beyoglu district — The Turkish Arbat, surrounded by hutments. It is possible only in Istanbul! A luxurious street, where you can walk till the morning comes. Beyoglu is the favourite place of youth. But if you move a little sideways...

5. Nisantasi district — The Turkish glamour in all its splendour — Nisantasi district — is ready to shine in front of anyone who visits it.

6. The 4th Levent district — Istanbul's New-York in a single district. Skyscrapers, banks, and offices, - the shining windows of many-storied buildings of the corporations and and powerful companies. This is not the Wall-street, it is something greater. This is the fourth Levent!

7. Bebek district — in Turkey they say: as beautiful as a baby. A baby is «bebek». The district, named bebek is really one of the most beautiful in Istanbul. The place, chosen by sultans for the Guards, today is famous with its facilities: cafes, bars, and restaurants. Bebek ignites till the morning.

8. Etiler district - one of the largest shopping centers of Europe - «Akmerkez» is situated in one of the most prestigeous districts of Istanbul — Etiler. Not everyone can see the luxury of Istanbul and take advantage of its usability. But you will have this opportunity.

9. District Ulus and park Ulus — The island of comfort and peace among the giant and constantly moving Istanbul — park Ulus. A small and one of the most beautiful parks of the city, it is situated almost at the coast of the strait. Here you will stay in order to have rest.